Cash advance with immediate approval


It’s nothing out of the ordinary to apply for a loan abroad. Some consumers may still be sufficiently familiar with the “Swiss Credit”. With a negative credit check, it is impossible to get a loan in Germany. The situation is different abroad, because the credit rating is not the security, but the income. What is unusual about Germany is made possible by a bank, a cash advance from Liechtenstein. This means nothing else than that the loan amount does not necessarily have to be transferred to the account. There may also be a cash payment by the postman.

What is it about a loan?


This former Swiss loan is especially for people who have a negative credit rating and therefore no longer get credit in Germany. Unlike installment loans from banks in Germany, customers can also withdraw the loan amount in cash. The postman brings the money directly to the place of residence of the borrower after a successful loan commitment.

The cash advance from Liechtenstein is known to some customers as “Swiss Credit”. The principle has not changed. The only difference is that the lending bank is based in Liechtenstein. As before, the credit check is not queried. The borrower does not need to fear that a loan will be reported there. The bank only reports this when there are financial difficulties.

Cash payment can have many reasons. Very often, those affected do not have their own account or they do not want the house bank to learn about it. Often it is also the spouse with a common checking account who does not want the partner to learn something about this cash credit from Liechtenstein.

How to apply for this loan

How to apply for this loan

Whatever the reason for a cash loan from Liechtenstein, it can be applied easily. The bank has an internet presence. The loan application can be made there directly online. Anyone who does not trust this can also hire an agent. When selecting the right financial service provider, care should be taken to act in the interests of the customer. Unfortunately, there are some black sheep here.

This can be recognized right away if advance payment, the conclusion of an insurance or a representative visit is required. A serious mediator does not offer that. Only after a successful loan does this get a commission from the borrower. You should refrain from different offers.

Who can apply for a loan?

Who can apply for a loan?

Not everyone receives this loan. It is absolutely necessary to have a regular income through a firm and undeclared job. Temporary employment relationships are not desired. If the person is at least 18 years old and lives permanently in Germany, then the first hurdles have already been taken.

Although the credit check is not queried, attachments or insolvency proceedings may not exist. The bank checks this with the responsible district court. Attachments are also to be seen in the income certificate, which the loan seeker must send to the bank. If everything is fine, the whole process takes about seven days to pay out.