10 vaping documentaries to watch

The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed in recent years with the introduction of alternative marketing trends. They are a more attractive alternative for many people because they offer a lot of amenities, especially when you are on the road or in public.

Additionally, there is an overabundance of flavors (7,700+) for vapers to choose from, including all types of fruits, desserts, or even your favorite cereal flavor like the Captain Crunch berries you loved growing up.

Although this trend started on college campuses across America, it is quickly becoming more popular among young people around the world who are looking for variety when purchasing their vape starter kit, including everything needed, like coils and atomizers.

Similar to other new products, even the best collection of vape mods and companies have had to respond to several skeptics and critics who have raised vital questions. Here are ten documentaries that explore these topics for vaping, answering many of these questions.

1. One billion lives (2016)

This documentary, released in 2016 by Aaron Biebert, really explored vaping and its potential effects in two parts. The first part deals with the future where a billion people on this planet will die because they do not make the right decisions about the product they are using. Part 2 explains how vaping provides an escape route for many of these people.

2. Believe Me I’m a Doctor (2014)

This BBC documentary chronicles the life of Dr Michael Mosley. He has lived his entire life without using inhalation products. Therefore, he was so intrigued with the way we deal with nicotine addiction that he decided to give it up for three months and try different products in addition to the daily blood tests. The results were shocking! So be sure to check this one out.

3. Beyond the Cloud (2017)

photo by Nery Zarate to Unsplash

Beyond The Cloud, the documentary by Sébastien Duijndam and Ghyslain Armand shows a series of interviews with business professionals on vaping and the essential topics surrounding its generalization. The documentary also explores the complexities behind vaping and its acceptance in today’s society. It follows different people from different backgrounds, all of whom have their own opinions on what type of product should be considered “healthy”.

4. Top 5 Extraordinary Electronic Cigarettes (2015)

The level of misinformation associated with electronic cigarettes and the vaping industry is so high. WatchMojo created this video to share a few truths in six minutes and debunk the myths. These products have become so popular now that many “vaping documentaries” have been made on the subject. WatchMojo has created a Top 5 list to show you other things about e-cigs that don’t require health knowledge, but could be interesting facts nonetheless.

5. Thank you for vaping (2014)

The New Yorker released a video documentary titled “Thank You For Vaping” which provides a glimpse into the everyday lives of vapers. The film presents two perspectives, both sides are aimed at people who regularly use the vape. Therefore, most vapers find this documentary easy to understand as they have been on both sides of the vaping debate. Thanks for vaping and thanks for watching too.

6. Vape Wave (2016)

Jan Kounen’s Vape Wave documentary is the most in-depth examination of vaping culture. His film takes us around the world and reveals a cultural revolution that has managed to spread to several countries.

It also explains why this ever-growing phenomenon called “vaping” has been so successful in taking root in different cultures, despite the differences in lifestyles.

7. You Don’t Know Nicotine (2020)

photo by Mpumelelo Macu to Unsplash

In the movie “You Don’t Know About Nicotine,” a filmmaker takes a journey through the use of nicotine to find out what it is and how it affects users. The documentary travels across America, investigating how people react when they learn how much their world depends on nicotine for everyday life, even though they never directly use nicotine products. .

8. E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Threat? (2016)

Michael Mosley has been clean his whole life. But for an exciting new documentary, he decided to give vaping a try. Turns out that curiosity doesn’t end with the show in part because of his vaping expectations.

This documentary details his journey and the revelations in this play show that it seems everyone is misinformed. With lots of information and great cinematography, this documentary is worth the time.

9. E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – The Fifth Estate (2016)

In this documentary, you can see how public perception of vaping has changed from just being smoke-free to being a viable alternative. They explore the potential benefits and risks of vaping and interview large companies about their plans to compete in an exponentially growing industry.

10. Documentary Vape Life – EP1 | EP2 (2014-2015)

photo by Vaporesso to Unsplash

Vape Life Documentary is a multi-part documentary on all things vaping, such as technology, industry, community, and culture. The first episode offers a glimpse into why society is struggling with addiction issues and the possible influences that nicotine may have to play. The second short video focuses primarily on how vaporizers work: from their invention to the current science behind it all. This film will be of interest to those who are curious about scientific details or who want more information.


Vaping and different vaping devices could make more appearances in mainstream media in the future as they continue to gain acceptance. As this happens, you will see it steadily in more movies and TV shows. How could that not help?

The best approach to educating the masses about vaping and marketing vaping products is to treat these devices like consumer products. Have you watched any of these vaping documentaries? If so, what are the lessons you have learned from it? Now is the perfect time to join the vaping trend. But will vaping survive in Hollywood with its current trend?

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