22nd Century Sees Lead Market for Traditional Ultra-Low Nicotine Cigarette | Local

22nd Century Group Inc. on Tuesday announced plans to begin advertising and distributing its traditional ultra-low nicotine cigarettes in the first major metropolitan market in March.

On December 23, the Food and Drug Administration cleared the brands “VLN King” and “VLN Menthol King” as modified risk options. Buffalo-based 22nd Century has its manufacturing facility in Mocksville with 56 employees.

This is a controversial clearance for the FDA, given that a modified risk tobacco product designation allows products to be advertised as less harmful or lower risk compared to traditional cigarettes.

22nd Century may market both products as having the ability to “help reduce nicotine exposure and consumption for smokers who use them” – products the company touts “that smoke, taste and smell like nicotine.” ‘a conventional cigarette’.

22nd Century said the pilot will help “better understand how adult smokers will use this unique and revolutionary product before moving to national distribution, providing an unparalleled tool to help adult smokers find a way out of nicotine addiction.” .

The manufacturer said it “secured a well-known national retail partner” for the pilot program. He said he was “engaged in ongoing discussions with other potential partners – both retail and strategic.”

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