86% of smokers in India think e-cigarettes are a better alternative to cigarettes: Survey: The Tribune India

New Delhi, December 4

A recent survey by Povaddo, a company specializing in global public opinion research, found that nearly nine in 10 respondents (86 percent) think e-cigarettes / ENDS (which include products like vapers, hot and non-hot products, etc.) are a better alternative to cigarettes.

Additionally, 87 percent believe that alternative products should be just as accessible to adult smokers as regular cigarettes.

Povaddo’s survey, involving 2,000 respondents, was conducted between August and September to study the attitudes of current and former e-cigarettes / ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) users across India.

The survey results also showed that the 2019 ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes / ENDS was ineffective in eliminating the use of the products, as 85% reported using the products even after the ban.

In total, 95 percent of those polled called for government action, saying the government should find new ways to reduce the harm caused by cigarettes, while 81 percent said the government should remove the ban. electronic cigarettes and heat. not burn the products.

In addition, the results also revealed strong support for access to electronic cigarettes / ENDS, while 92% of current users of cigarettes and other types of tobacco products said they would consider switching to an alternative. safe if it was legal, met quality and safety standards, and were readily available.

“The fact that consumers believe government action is needed speaks volumes about the public health gap that needs to be closed. Smokers have long been denied effective and safe alternatives to cigarettes. What consumers need today are safer alternatives that are backed by science and research. The survey reveals an encouraging level of public acceptance of this new harm reduction technology, ”says Deepak Mukarji, The Alternatives.

Povaddo is a public affairs and strategy opinion research firm.

They conduct in-depth surveys, focus groups and interviews. Povaddo has a strong expertise in creating the strategic tools and resources needed to effectively navigate diverse and complex public affairs issues.


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