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A law banning smoking for young people will be tabled in July

Published on: Monday March 28, 2022

By: Bernama

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SEPANG: A new law to ban smoking activities and the possession of any smoking product, including e-cigarettes (vaping), for those born after 2005, will be tabled in parliament in July, the health minister said, Khairy Jamaluddin. He said the bill was being finalized by the Office of the Attorney General. “I think in one to two weeks it will be finished and then I can present it to the parliamentary committee on health and technology,” he told the media after the launch of the community health worker at the national level, MyCHAMPION, here.

On February 17, Khairy announced the introduction of the law, aimed at reducing the exposure of future generations to cigarettes and tobacco products, as their consumption is a major factor in the incidence of cancer and accounts for 22% of deaths from Cancer. Earlier in his speech, Khairy said that the introduction of the new cigarette law was one of the efforts of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to intensify the smoking cessation campaign among Malaysians. “We are going to introduce a new law to make it a legal offense to sell cigarettes to anyone born after 2005. Indeed, the application will be a challenge. Nothing prevents these young people from asking adults to buy them cigarettes. “But I think this is the first step towards quitting smoking for a generation. This is a generational end game,” he said. Khairy also asked MyCHAMPION volunteers to remind members of the public who are caught smoking in non-smoking areas.


“I don’t have enough police officers to go to every restaurant to issue compounds to those who are still stubborn, and we can’t run continuous operations. “I ask MyCHAMPION to politely admonish members of the public to stop smoking in non-smoking areas,” he said. Meanwhile, Khairy said MyCHAMPION was a team of volunteers on the ground and acted as an agent to bring change in health mindset and behaviors to the community and indirectly help Malaysia enter the phase of recovery. endemic transition. He said last year a total of 7,000 volunteers were appointed under MyCHAMPION, and the ministry aims to appoint another 10,000 volunteers this year. Khairy said at the same time that the Ministry of Health would launch a massive medical screening campaign, involving 1.5 million people, in July, with details to be announced soon.


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