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A lot can happen in a year.

For Sandra Ingram and her two grandchildren, Logan West, 18, and Raelin Miller, 8, 2021 has been a year of continuous blessings.

Eight-year-old Raelin Miller sits with her grandmother Sandra Ingram on Tuesday, December 28 at their home in Homosassa.

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In December 2020, they moved into their brand new mobile home, a gift from over 500 generous people in Citrus County who had heard of their dire life situation.

On September 21, 2020, the Chronicle published an article about Ingram, a 30-year-old Chronicle journalist who suffers from COPD, heart disease and diabetes and who was struggling to care for her two grandchildren. left in his care after the death of their mother. cancer in 2019.

They lived in a cramped, cockroach-infested trailer on a property inherited from his mother by Ingram.

The story touched the hearts of Chronicle readers, who donated nearly $ 73,000, including several very large donations, so that the family could live in a clean and safe home.


Sandra Ingram lives in this single width mobile home in Homosassa which was given to the family last year. She lives in the house with her two grandchildren.

Jimmy Stoltz, owner of Seafood Seller restaurant in Crystal River, made a large donation towards the purchase of a simple 80 foot, three bedroom, two bathroom and Matt Gainey mobile home at Gainey Custom Modular and Manufactured Homes in Homosassa offered a more than generous price.

“All the people who gave money to help us get this place never got to see it in the papers, and I want them to see where their money has gone,” Ingram said. “A lot of my clients (Chronicle) sent me cards and asked how the kids and I were doing, and I saw Sound Off (calls) about us so I guess we’re still a topic of interest. “

Ingram wants people to know that although she is on oxygen 24/7 and nearly died twice last year from respiratory failure, she is blessed.

Topping her list: she finally quit smoking after over 50 years.

“I wouldn’t put the cigarettes down,” she said. “I was smoking until my lungs filled up and the ambulance picked me up… don’t leave alive, and that will be soon.

“So I finally gave them up and I haven’t had one for seven months,” she said. “I want to live. I have things to do and a little girl to raise.”

Raelin, who is in first grade at Rock Crusher Elementary School, is on the honor roll.


Eight-year-old Raelin Miller sits with her grandmother Sandra Ingram on Tuesday, December 28 at their home in Homosassa.

“She missed her first year and a half of school when I was trying to get custody of her… so I’m thrilled she’s on the honor roll,” said Ingram.

Raelin is particularly proud of her bedroom and of having her own space to keep her many toys and clothes.

“It was very nice living here last year,” said Logan, 18.

Currently, her main preoccupation is to take care of her grandmother. The two share the nightly newspaper delivery route, which has around 200 homes, and they share the paycheck.

Ingram drives and Logan does the rest while Raelin sleeps in the back seat of the car.

They start around 12:30 a.m. and end at 2:30 a.m.

Until last year, Ingram made the journey on her own, up to 700 homes, and stayed overnight until the early hours of the morning.


Sandra Ingram has had health issues that necessitated hospitalization over the past year. She now needs the help of bottled oxygen to help her breathe.

“I had completely retired, because of my health, but I came back,” she said. “I can’t stay home and look out the window and wait to die. I can’t.”

She said they had had a wonderful Christmas and were looking forward to another happy new year.

“These kids are my everything,” she said. “And I guess I’m a pretty good grandma, because Logan bought me a Christmas ring, jade, and 14k gold.”

Logan said they watched TV and someone on the show said something about jade, and Ingram remarked, “Oh, I love jade!”

“At the moment I’m not in school, because I help her,” he said. “I’m looking for a little job, something that is close to home so that I can be more with her. Then I would like to join the National Guard, so I can be in the army as I would like to be and still be able to. to be at the house.”

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