Arena declares a safe policy

Officials at the Pine Bluff Convention Center have announced a safe bag policy for the King Cotton Holiday Classic.

Only two types of clear bags are permitted in the arena: a 12 inch by 12 inch plastic stadium bag and a 1 gallon clear freezer bag. These bags can be purchased at the parking barrier.

The following items are prohibited:

Weapons of all kinds; umbrellas; wallets or pouches larger than 1 inch by 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches; diaper bags and strollers for babies; backpack; fanny packs; computer cases and bags; luggage of any kind; seat cushions with compartments; small bags inside transparent bags; selfie sticks; cameras with 12 inch or larger lenses; video cameras and tripods; camera cases; remote controlled devices and drones; tobacco products of all kinds; cigarettes and electronic cigarettes; drugs not prescribed by a doctor; alcoholic beverages; fireworks and smoke devices; radios of all kinds; noise-making devices; helium balloons; inflated balls and flying discs, such as frisbees; flags and banners on poles; any element deemed inappropriate by staff; and all animals except certified service animals kept on a leash.

Officials at the Convention Center say all items brought into the arena are subject to visual search at all times.

“Prohibited items discovered during routing security inspections should be immediately returned to the owner’s vehicle or thrown outside the building. An item will be considered prohibited at the strict discretion of authorized PBCC personnel,” said those in charge of the arena. “No items will be kept at the entrances until the end of the events. “

Failure to comply with the safe deposit box policy will result in immediate eviction from the premises without reimbursement, arena officials add.

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