Biden’s Mark of American Fascism

President Joe Biden’s reckless, unfounded, and hypocritical statement that the majority of the Republican Party is “semi-fascist” leaves me wondering if he understands what fascism entails. It would behoove Mr Biden to stop making these claims, considering his regime embodies fascism more than any administration in living memory.

Despite what many on the political left think, fascism and socialism share substantial commonalities, uniting around centralized economic planning, collectivism over individual rights, and totalitarian ideological control over the society. Essentially, fascism can be considered a more efficient and advanced form of socialism. Giovanni Gentile, the real author of the original Fascist experience in Italy who wrote “A Doctrine of Fascism for Benito Mussolini”, directly stated: “Fascism is a form of socialism, in fact, it is its most viable.

The socialist roots of fascism are impossible to deny, with almost all fascist leaders coming from a socialist background or drawing inspiration from socialist principles. Although it may seem hyperbolic to some, we are closer to fascism in America than ever before. Despite exhortations to the contrary, it was the Biden administration that led us to the doorstep of fascism, embracing the core components of fascism of state-run corporatism and totalitarian subversion of all sociopolitical institutions.

Economically, the federal government has bribed or interfered in the vast majority of private business and free market competition. Through endless subsidies, regulations, taxes and preferential contracts, vastly increased government spending and social initiatives, unprecedented synergies between the White House and Wall Street financiers, and the consortium of public elites and corporations attempting to impose environmental, social and governance scores on our entire economic system, free market capitalism is under siege.

If the Biden administration’s recent executive order to lay the groundwork for the issuance of a national central bank digital currency materializes – which should happen soon – the economic freedom of every American citizen will be fundamentally impaired, and eventually completely eradicated.

Politically, the situation is just as dire. Although the judiciary remains largely independent and retains the only real check on the executive branch — despite direct and indirect attempts by the Biden administration to undermine its legitimacy — Congress has become, for all intents and purposes, a rubber stamping entity. policies developed and pushed by the executive branch. Mr. Biden’s unilateral executive orders have circumvented democratic processes at every turn, using a vast array of bureaucratic regulatory authorities and executive actions to push green energy initiatives, impede national energy production, encourage the illegal immigration, improving access to abortion, imposing vaccination mandates, suspending deportations, providing widespread student loan relief to wealthy households, and even banning menthol cigarettes, among other policies. And let’s not forget his spread of what could be the worst foreign policy nightmare in American history, in which Mr. Biden acted completely alone to return Afghanistan to the Taliban on a silver platter.

In addition, supposedly “independent” government institutions have been militarized by the state. There are few better examples than Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice, in which the FBI turned into the Stasi overnight. Although the FBI has never been a paragon of real justice, it has gone off the rails under the Biden administration, with activities such as the politically motivated raid on Mar-a-Lago, the subpoena and arrests of allies of Trump, the classification of parents protesting the educational indoctrination of their children as domestic terrorists, and the recently unearthed evidence that the FBI conducted an estimated 3.4 million warrantless data searches on US citizens , to name a few examples.

As for civil institutions, almost all have become instruments or enablers of the state.

Our public schools have become vehicles for the progressive indoctrination of the children of our country. Elementary school officials have intentionally hired teachers who push liberal ideas and turn kids into Democratic voters. Students learn critical race theory and social and emotional learning, which often replace core curriculums such as math or science. Before reaching puberty, students are encouraged to examine their sexuality and change their gender identity; drag queens parade in front of kindergartens. This is all being pushed by school boards, teachers unions and the top of the Democratic Party. The Biden administration is working to redefine “sex” in Title IX rules to include “gender identity,” providing a precedent for the state — rather than parents — to become the primary guardians of children . And if parents express their displeasure or simply seek to understand what their children are being taught, they are labeled domestic terrorists by the FBI.

Although the mainstream media apparatus (MSM) has long been the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, it has completely abandoned its journalistic responsibility and has become a propaganda machine for the left. The Biden administration reportedly held secret meetings with representatives of major news outlets to “reshape coverage” of deteriorating economic conditions, worked with MSMs to redevelop the traditional definition of a recession, and paid “the mainstream media companies to promote vaccines and suppress stories”. this could increase vaccine hesitancy. Moreover, MSM has even stopped providing background checks on Biden administration officials.

Perhaps the most concerning are the recent revelations about the Biden administration’s synergistic relationship with Big Tech. In August, Facebook (now Meta) CEO Mark Zuckerburg admitted in “The Joe Rogan Experience” that the FBI had pressured Facebook to remove any information related to Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese energy conglomerate, which has substantial ties to the Chinese Communist Party. . Considering that polls suggest that approximately 1 in 6 Biden voters would have abstained from voting for Mr. Biden if they had known about this information, and given that 45% of Biden voters had never heard of From the Hunter Biden laptop debacle, it’s highly likely that the FBI’s actions helped secure the 2020 presidential election in favor of Biden.

Following Mr. Zuckerberg’s revelation, attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri launched a broad investigation into the Biden administration’s relationship with Big Tech. Their first discoveries are extraordinary. In addition to at least 32 federal officials identified by Meta, 45 federal officials drawn from the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury, the Commission on campaign assistance, the Food and Drug Administration, the FBI, the Census Bureau, and even the White House itself, directly colluded with Big Tech executives to censor what they unilaterally considered misinformation.

It’s time to wake up and face the facts. Although America has slid into authoritarianism for decades as executive power has steadily expanded — without an administration beyond reproach — it is the Biden administration that presents the clearest and most present danger to Americans. free markets, the distinction between public and private enterprise, the rule of law, freedom of expression, individual liberties and our institutionalized democratic traditions. It is Mr. Biden, rather than a majority of Republican voters, who is spearheading a uniquely American brand of fascism.

• Jack McPherrin ([email protected]) is research editor at the Heartland Institute.

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