Bison Valley man allegedly lured young girls with phones and e-cigarettes

Marvin Jennings New

A Bison Valley man already behind bars faces additional charges for luring young girls home with phones and e-cigarettes.

Marvin Jennings New, 79, of 12061 NE 51st Circle in Oxford, was held in Sumter County Jail on multiple charges of sexual assault, obscene and lascivious behavior and contributing to juvenile delinquency, involving girls under the age of 12. He was first arrested after being discovered that he had pictures of undressed women on his phone.

At the time of his arrest on April 27, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office appealed for information on other girls that New may have been involved with.

A recently released arrest report sheds additional light on New’s activities with the young girls.

A young woman told investigators that she and her friends spent time at New’s home, located in a family housing estate within walking distance of the Villages Charter School. The girl said New was “still rubbing her feet and legs,” according to the arrest report. She said it was common practice for him to do the same with other young girls. The new one “would buy girls all kinds of things, including cell phones, toys, food and play stations.” He took the girls to “skate, canoe, tubing and to Wal-Mart”. The girl said that in August 2020 he was driving the girls and he “reached out and put his hand in his shirt and rubbed his chest”. New also bought the girls, puff bars, flavored disposable electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. He bought White Claw alcoholic drinks for girls, according to the report.

He is still being held without bail.

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