Bluehole Releases Industry Commentary on World’s First E&L Testing Lab in the Vaping Industry

Shenzhen, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–China’s leading vaping media outlet, Bluehole New Consumption, today released an industry commentary on SMOORE’s establishment of the world’s first E&L test lab in the vaping industry.

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SMOORE, a global leader in providing vaping technology solutions, today announced the creation of the world’s first extractable and leachable (E&L) testing lab in the vaping industry.

Built in the last half of 2021, this laboratory performs qualitative and quantitative analytical testing and health risk assessment of E&L substances of electronic atomization components, including metals, plastics and other polymers.

As the first Chinese electronic atomization company to develop a PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Product Applications) compliant evaluation system, including physical testing, chemical testing, non-clinical testing and health risk assessment, SMOORE has also set up this E&L test lab based on PMTA safety requirements. .

Additionally, SMOORE’s E&L Testing Laboratory is in conjunction with SMITHERS, one of the world’s leading providers of testing, advisory, information and compliance services. For years, the two companies have worked closely together on PMTA compliance.

Currently, most companies in the vaping industry rely on third-party labs for E&L testing, while SMOORE has set up an in-house lab with comprehensive and advanced testing equipment. It follows the analytical methodology of the world’s leading E&L testing laboratories for medical devices.

As SMOORE’s flagship atomization technology brand, FEELM is able to make full use of SMOORE’s world-class testing and risk assessment system, including this E&L testing lab. Since 2021, FEELM has relied on the laboratory for the safety assessment of its electronic atomization components, in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of new FEELM products.

In October 2021, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) planned to bring medically licensed e-cigarettes into the National Health Service (NHS). Other countries, including Australia, have also prescribed e-cigarettes to adult smokers to reduce smoking rates. As global regulators have begun to adopt e-cigarettes, they are setting higher safety requirements for e-cigarettes, and SMOORE is taking the lead in improving the material reliability of e-cigarettes at the medical level.

E&L analytical tests are widely used in the field of pharmaceutical research and development. E&L compounds of pharmaceutical packaging materials should be tested before launch, to ensure product safety compliance.

SMOORE’s E&L Testing Lab can provide safety assessment of not only e-cigarettes, but also e-atomizing products in other industries. With one of its R&D focuses on the application of atomization technology in the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields, SMOORE could leverage this lab for the development of atomization innovations in the field of health.

“The safety of electronic atomization products mainly depends on the chemical composition of the e-liquid and the vapor generated by the atomization of the e-liquid, as well as the E&L substances of other materials in contact with the human body,” said Dr. Long, director of Analytical Testing and Safety Evaluation at the SMOORE Basic Research Center. “Our E&L test laboratory specializes in the latter case.”

According to Dr. Long, the SMOORE Basic Research Center plans to establish and complete a database of E&L substances in electronic atomization components, and will adopt the principle of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) to ensure the quality and integrity of test data related to non-clinical safety studies. Meanwhile, SMOORE Fundamental Research Center is also seeking partnership with more Chinese medical device suppliers on E&L testing.

Since 2020, SMOORE has established its own safety standards, SMOORE 3.0, in accordance with the risk assessment guidelines of the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Beyond the safety requirements of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and France’s AFNOR, SMOORE 3.0 covers all PMTA testing, including material safety and vapor safety.

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