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Two burglars were able to evade capture last week after they were seen by police fleeing the scene of a burglary at the Exxon station on North Jackson Street.

Police arrived at the store around 1.30am to investigate an alarm that had gone off. Once inside the building, they found broken glass and began scouting the neighborhood, looking for the burglars who had just fled the scene. One of the officers spotted the two suspects walking along the greenway near the high school.

“The subjects started running when I approached them,” the officer revealed in his report, noting that the pair broke up, one running through the bushes along the water and the other on the trail. The officer chased the one who was going along the green lane. “I drew my gun and ordered the subject to stop.”

The suspect ignored the order but dropped a bag he was carrying as he continued to flee arrest.

“The grocery bag the subject dropped contained 12 e-cigarettes,” the officer reported, noting that another bag was also found near where the other suspect had fled, the bag also containing electronic cigarettes.

Unable to catch the culprits in the foot chase, the lawmen were aided by the Franklin County K-9 team. However, they also ended up empty as the trail turned cold for the dog.

Although they were able to escape apprehension on the green lane, the burglars were not quick enough to evade security cameras inside the store as their footage was captured on video. Authorities were continuing their search for the burglars as of press time, using security footage to identify them. The cost of burglary is set at $50 for broken glass and $120 for stolen e-cigs.

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