Call for tough law to ban vaping as crackdown fails

As law enforcement continues to crack down on e-cigarette users, a non-governmental organization (NGO) says educational measures alone will not help in the fight against vaping.

From now on, the police can educate and have offenders sign a contract that they will not use or sell e-tobacco products and that they will be released.

“The use of educational measures alone is not enough unless there is an effective combination of legal measures to reduce or eliminate the use and sale of electronic cigarettes,” said Mom Kong, executive director of the Movement. Cambodian for health. Khmer time yesterday.

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In the latest crackdown, after receiving a denunciation from the public, Phnom Kravanh district police yesterday arrested a group of nine students, who were indulging in vaping.

The detained students from Prey Khlong village, Rokat commune, Prek II village, Samraong commune, Phnom Kravanh district and Pursat province were informed and sent back to their parents.

reacting to Khmer timeDepartment of Education spokesperson Ros Soveacha said: “In cases of students using e-cigarettes in educational institutions, the Board of Education must take administrative action and, if necessary , cooperate with all competent authorities in the fight against the use of e-cigarettes. – cigarettes.”

Soveacha added, “Since illegal drugs and alcohol can endanger the health and lives of students, the ministry is seeking more support from students, parents, school management and of all relevant stakeholders to eliminate e-cigarettes from educational institutions”.

He noted that the ministry issued a directive in February 2021 prohibiting public and private educational institutions from partnering with the tobacco industry for sponsorship or signing a memorandum of understanding with the tobacco industry.

The ministry recently banned the use of e-cigarettes in schools after students were caught stealthily vaping inside and outside of school.

Despite all these measures, vaping continues to plague young people.

Kong, who called for legal action against the attackers, added: “While reporting students who have been found using e-cigarettes to parents is an effective method, I call on the police to crack down on the distributors and not only against users. ”

Last week, the anti-drug department and Phnom Penh police jointly raided 15 locations and arrested 31 people for selling and using e-cigarette products in the capital.

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