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LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Portnoy law firm informs investors that a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of investors in RLX Technology, Inc. (NYSE: RLX) who acquired shares as part of its initial public offering of January 2021. Investors have until the 9th August 2021 to seek an active role in this litigation.

Investors are encouraged to contact a lawyer Lesley F. Portnoy, to determine eligibility to participate in this action, by phone at 310-692-8883 or E-mail, or Click here join the case.

RLX and some of its officers are accused of failing to disclose material information in their listing statement and prospectus that violates federal securities laws.

Alleged misleading and false statements and omissions include, but are not limited to, that: (i) RLX knew, or had information available to predict that China was moving forward in establishing a national standard for electronic cigarettes, which may affect the performance of the RLX; (ii) RLX’s financial data was not as strong as expected in the offering documents, nor was it indicative of future results; and (iii) RLX’s statements were materially false and misleading at all material times, because of the foregoing.

A class action has already been filed. If you wish to act as the principal applicant, you must apply to the Court no later than August 9, 2021.

Please visit our website to view more information and submit your transaction information.

The Portnoy law firm represents investors in the pursuit of claims arising from corporate wrongdoing. The company’s founding partner has recovered more than $ 5.5 billion for aggrieved investors. Lawyer advertising. Past results do not guarantee similar results.

Lesley F. Portnoy, Esq.
CA and NY bar admitted

Lawyer Advertising

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Investor sues Chinese e-cigarette maker RLX for allegedly distorting risks https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/investor-sues-chinese-e-cigarette-maker-rlx-for-allegedly-distorting-risks/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/investor-sues-chinese-e-cigarette-maker-rlx-for-allegedly-distorting-risks/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 21:58:00 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/investor-sues-chinese-e-cigarette-maker-rlx-for-allegedly-distorting-risks/

An investor has filed a lawsuit against RLX Technology Inc.,

claiming that the Chinese vaping company overestimated its financial data and distorted potential regulatory risks when it filed the documents for its US IPO

The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday by shareholder Alex Garnett in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York City, alleges that RLX’s registration statement from last October overlooked the impact of ongoing efforts by Chinese regulators to tighten sales of electronic cigarettes.

Companies subject to rules established by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission must disclose any known event or uncertainty that, at the time of an IPO, caused or was likely not to represent future profits.

Mr Garnett’s lawsuit, which he has filed on behalf of other RLX investors, comes amid heightened scrutiny of Chinese companies trading on US stock exchanges over concerns about the accuracy of their financial statements. Among these was the coffee chain Luckin Coffee Inc.,

which last year was delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market after revealing that some employees had made hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

RLX did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Beijing-based RLX, which was founded in 2018, went public on the New York Stock Exchange in January. The offer raised $ 1.39 billion and was one of the largest IPOs in the first quarter, according to data provider Dealogic Ltd. Its share price has fallen sharply since, in part due to potential regulatory changes in China. RLX shares were trading at $ 9.15 on Thursday, down about 69% since its inception.

In 2019, Chinese regulators called on companies and markets to stop selling e-cigarettes online, in a bid to curb underage vaping. Regulators then proposed rules in March 2021 that would designate these cigarettes as tobacco products, raising scrutiny from the companies that sell them.

Although RLX sells vaping products in China, private company RELX International distributes them overseas.

The lawsuit alleges investors bought RLX shares at artificially inflated prices, in part because the company omitted and misrepresented information in the registration statement. As the stock price fell, investors in RLX lost hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the lawsuit. Mr. Garnett bought 300 shares at a price of $ 27.87, according to a filing. Mr. Garnett did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

At least two other law firms, Labaton Sucharow LLP and Schall Law Firm, have said in recent weeks that they are investigating on behalf of investors to determine whether RLX has not disclosed relevant information to investors. Rosen Law Firm PA and Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman LLC, among others, said Thursday they are looking for RLX investors who want to join a class action lawsuit.

RLX reported on June 2 sales of 2.4 billion Chinese yuan, equivalent to $ 366.1 million, for the quarter ended March 31, compared to 368.6 million yuan the previous year. The company recorded a net loss of 267 million yuan, or 40.8 million yuan, compared to a profit of 12.1 million yuan in the quarter of the previous year.

The company’s financial statements over the past few months have raised questions from accountants. Among the problems is RLX’s unusually high ratio of cash and securities to total assets, according to Jacek Welc, assistant professor of corporate finance and accounting at the Polish University of Economics and Business in Wroclaw. . Cash and financial assets represented 86% of the company’s total assets for the nine-month period ended September 30, Welc said. This percentage is higher than those of five international companies accused of accounting fraud in cash since 2008, according to Mr. Welc, including the German Wirecard AG.

“The amount of money on hand is pretty impressive,” said Erik Gerding, a professor of law at the University of Colorado, who reviewed RLX’s prospectus. “Even outside of financial fraud, the question arises as to where they are going to invest this money and why they would not give it to shareholders.”

Write to Mark Maurer at mark.maurer@wsj.com

Copyright © 2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8

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Help available for smokers https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/help-available-for-smokers/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/help-available-for-smokers/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 02:55:35 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/help-available-for-smokers/

Next week is quit week here in North Dakota.

This is an initiative to help smokers get rid of the habit of consuming tobacco products.

According to official reports, numerous tobacco-related deaths have been reported in the state during COVID-19 and organizers hope to lower those numbers.

“I don’t know what the pandemic has done to that number. Until 2020, we have recorded an average of around 1,000 deaths as a state, ”said Andrew Horn, program director for the coalition.

Tobacco-free North Dakota is here to help and during the pandemic anti-tobacco campaigners want people to know it.

“Healthy lungs are going to be your best way to fight different infections, to fight things like COVID-19 disease. One of the ways to have healthy lungs is to not use tobacco products, ”Horn said.

Experts say there is no safer alternative. Even the use of electronic cigarettes commonly known as vaping still puts your health at risk.

“It’s important to know that changing is not quitting smoking. If you switch from cigarettes to vaping products, you still get nicotine. That’s really what we’re trying to focus on with Quit Week, it’s not just vaping, but to make people understand that whatever the product, nicotine is nicotine, ”Horn said.

Tobacco use can lead to lung cancer, COPD, and other illnesses that make it difficult to breathe.
That’s why Tobacco Free North Dakota has teamed up with Resources, hoping to make change.

“We have a lot of tobacco treatment specialists all over the state. Different health providers have them; nicotine replacement therapies, the ND Quits line is one of them, ”said Horn.

And Horn adds that asking for help can only increase your chances of success.

“Having these nicotine replacement therapies, having counseling, having tobacco treatment specialists, it’s going to double or triple your success rate,” Horn said.

The commitment to go tobacco-free begins June 14.

This is the second year that Quit Week has been held here in the state.

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Forget about tobacco, smokers finally have alternatives and the market is exploding https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/forget-about-tobacco-smokers-finally-have-alternatives-and-the-market-is-exploding/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/forget-about-tobacco-smokers-finally-have-alternatives-and-the-market-is-exploding/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:50:00 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/forget-about-tobacco-smokers-finally-have-alternatives-and-the-market-is-exploding/

NEW YORK, June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The world loves to smoke. Globally, the number of smokers continues to rise, propelled by the launch of new products including flavored tobacco products and alternative smoking methods such as electronic cigarettes and heatless products. With a market size of $ 932.11 billion in 2020 and an expected CAGR of 1.8% from 2021 to 2028, tobacco industry should be a hotspot for business closing and expansion over the next few years. This increase is driven by the shift from traditional tobacco products to electronic cigarettes and other alternative smoking devices such as non-combustion heat (HNB), which have continued to gain popularity in recent years. Companies like PODA Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd. (CSE: PODA) (FSE: 99L), Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM), Altria Group, Inc. (NYSE: MO), RLX technology (NYSE: RLX), and TAAT Global Alternatives (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQX: TOBAF) are leading the charge by bringing to the massive tobacco market new ways to enjoy smoking, without the smoke, smell or tobacco.

PODA expands its distribution in two major tobacco markets

PODA Lifestyle and Wellness (CSE: PODA) (FSE: 99L) is changing the tobacco industry with its Beyond Burn Poda Pods that use a tobacco-free blend of granulated tea leaves infused with synthetic nicotine. These Tobacco Free Beyond Burn ™ Pods allow users to enjoy the experience of traditional cigarettes without smoke, odor or tobacco. As traditional cigarette sales continue to decline each year, companies like PODA Lifestyle and well-being are poised to fill the gap with alternatives in the combustion-free heat space, including their Beyond Burn ™ Pods.

PODA Pods adapts perfectly to the new market requirements imposed on the non-combustion heat industry (HNB), which has reached $ 9.36 billion in 2020 and is expected to more than double by 2024. The company capitalizes on a rapidly growing market and growing regulatory approvals in major markets such as the United States, China, and Europe for devices that do not burn. Now, Poda lifestyleThe HNB system is fully patented in Canada and has patents pending in 65 additional countries, covering over 70% of the world’s population.

In June 2021, PODA Lifestyle and Wellness (CSE: PODA) (FSE: 99L) Hit a major step in its expansion strategy after announcing a new partnership with Big Tobacco ESON Technology Co. Ltd. The joint development agreement will provide PODA access to ESON’s existing distribution network by Europe and Asia, where ESON’s proprietary, proprietary blend of tobacco-free products currently sells over 50 million units per month.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with ESON, recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarette devices and, more recently, a world leader in smoke-free heat and no-burn products.” mentionned PODA CEO Ryan selby. Daniel Chen and his team at ESON are currently filling and distributing millions of NEAFS products per month in the Chinese market, giving us huge opportunities to grow. There are over 400 million adult smokers in China, and we believe that this partnership with ESON will provide us with a rapid opportunity to rapidly expand our market share in the Chinese market ”,

An industry that drives change, not for change

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM) makes the transition to the alternative tobacco market with its IQOS devices, one of the most popular on the market and responsible for getting millions of users on the HNB bandwagon. In March, Philip Morris (NYSE: PM) presented the IQOS 3 device on sale in all current markets, bringing longer battery life and faster recharge time in the field. The company’s strategy of branding its heatsticks with classic tobacco brands such as Marlboro HeatSticks strengthens this giant’s penetration into the market.

Altria Group, Inc. (NYSE: MO) helps spread the word about the IQOS product to the world and expand the tobacco industry’s mission to provide more alternatives to smoking in this massive market. 2021 will be a great year for Altria with the company announces its objectives for the year 2021 with diluted EPS adjusted between $ 4.49 at $ 4.62, a growth rate of 3-6% compared to 2020 EPS on $ 4.36.

RLX Technology (NYSE: RLX), a leading company in the field of e-vapors Chinaannounced Q1 2021 results with net income of $ 366.1 million, up 48.2% compared to the fourth quarter of 2020. The company also published its first ESG report, as a growing number of investors place environmental, social and government (ESG) principles at the forefront of their business strategies.

Global Alternatives TAAT (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQX: TOBAF) asserts its advantage in the UK market with a new order form a wholesaler in London, making the buyer the exclusive distributor of TAAT in the UK and Ireland. The company was also a godfather for world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather in his highly anticipated boxing match against YouTuber Logan Paul. The company’s placement as a premier sponsor for Mayweather and his entourage at ringside has been a positive signal for the company and the market.

Smoking heats up quickly with unburned heat (HNB)

As the unburnt heat market continues to heat up and major tobacco companies invest

funds in space, companies like PODA lifestyle are well positioned in a massive market of smokers who are in desperate need of alternatives. With patented and revolutionary technology, PODA brings the combustion-free heat industry into the future.

For more information on PODA Lifestyle (CSE: PODA) (FSE: 99L), Click here.

Disclaimer: Microsmallcap.com (MSC) is the source for the article and content set forth above. References to an issuer other than the profiled issuer are only intended to identify industry participants and do not constitute an endorsement of an issuer and do not constitute a comparison to the profiled issuer. FN Media Group (FNM) is a third-party publisher and information dissemination service provider, which distributes electronic information through multiple online media channels. FNM is NOT affiliated with MSC or any company mentioned in this document. The comments, views and opinions expressed in this release by MSC are solely those of MSC and are not shared by and do not in any way reflect the views or opinions of FNM. Readers of this article and its content agree that they cannot and will not seek to hold MSC and FNM accountable for the investment decisions of their readers or subscribers. MSC and FNM and their respective affiliates are a provider of information dissemination and financial marketing solutions and are NOT registered brokers / analysts / investment advisers, do not hold any investment licenses and may not sell, offer sell or offer to buy securities.

The article and content related to the profiled company represent the personal and subjective opinions of the author (MSC) and are subject to change at any time without notice. The information provided in the article and the content has been obtained from sources which the author considers reliable. However, the author (MSC) has not independently verified or investigated all of this information. None of the authors, MSC, FNM or any of their respective affiliates guarantees the accuracy or completeness of this information. This article and its contents are not and should not be construed as investment advice or as a recommendation regarding any particular title or course of action; Readers are strongly encouraged to speak with their own investment advisor and review all documents filed by the profiled issuer with the Securities and Exchange Commission before making any investment decisions and should understand the risks associated with investing in the securities of the profiled issuer, including, but not limited to the total loss of your investment. FNM has not been remunerated by any public company mentioned in this document to distribute this press release but has been remunerated twenty five hundred dollars by MSC, an unaffiliated third party to distribute this release on behalf of PODA Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd.


This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and such forward-looking statements are made in accordance with to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. “Forward-looking statements” describe future expectations, plans, results or strategies and are usually preceded by words such as “may”, “future”, ” plan “or” planned “,” will “or” should “,” expected “,” anticipate “,” draft “,” possibly “or” planned “. You are cautioned that these statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties which could cause future circumstances, events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements, including the risks that actual results may differ. substantially from those projected. in forward-looking statements due to various factors and other risks identified in a company’s annual report on Form 10-K or 10-KSB and other documents filed by that company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. You should take these factors into account in evaluating the forward-looking statements included in this document and not place undue reliance on such statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release are made as of the date hereof, and MSC and FNM do not undertake to update such statements.

FN Media Group, LLC
[email protected]

SOURCE Microsmallcap.com

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Lung cells exposed to e-cigarette fluid could increase risk of contracting COVID-19 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/lung-cells-exposed-to-e-cigarette-fluid-could-increase-risk-of-contracting-covid-19/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/lung-cells-exposed-to-e-cigarette-fluid-could-increase-risk-of-contracting-covid-19/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 17:21:31 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/lung-cells-exposed-to-e-cigarette-fluid-could-increase-risk-of-contracting-covid-19/

Lung cells exposed to e-cigarette fluid are at greater risk of being infected with COVID-19, study finds

  • E-cigarette users are more likely to contract Covid, possibly from nicotine in devices
  • Researchers exposed lung cells to e-cigarette juice, then virus to test results
  • The devices have become common among teens and young adults in recent years
  • There has been a recent increase in hospitalizations among teens who contract COVID-19

The use of e-cigarettes may be linked to higher rates of COVID-19 infection, a new study suggests.

The researchers found that lung cells exposed to liquid from e-cigarettes appeared to be more vulnerable to the spike protein that the coronavirus uses to enter and infect cells.

The team, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, say they don’t know why this is the case – but believe the nicotine in the liquid is causing the reaction.

Many previously believed that electronic cigarette users were safer than those who smoked cigarettes due to the lack of tobacco in their product.

A team of researchers has found that people who have used electronic cigarettes are more vulnerable to Covid-19. While they can’t really determine why, they believe it’s because the nicotine in the juice that the devices use

For the study, published in bioRxiv.org, the team took samples of cells that line the lungs.

Then, they exposed half of the cells to the liquid from the JUUL electronic cigarettes before exposing all the cells to a harmless virus that had been coated with the coronavirus spike protein.

Researchers found higher infection rates in lung cells that had been treated with e-liquid, compared to unexposed cells, according to a report released on Sunday. bioRxiv before peer review.

“We hypothesize that nicotine may be responsible for increased spike protein binding and subsequent pseudovirus infection,” the authors wrote in the study.

“However, the underlying mechanisms and the suspected link to nicotine will require further study.”

Electronic cigarettes, and the JUUL brand that has become almost synonymous with devices, have become widely used by teens and young adults.

JUUL first became known in 2015 as an easy, trendy, and low-key way for people to smoke nicotine.

Their use in school-aged children can be attributed to their flavors, and the devices resemble a USB stick, allowing kids to easily carry them to school without getting caught.

Devices like the JUUL are largely blame for a recent increase in nicotine consumption among adolescents and young adults.

In 2020, nearly 40% of high school students who regularly smoke nicotine did so by using an e-cigarette, according to a report by Tobacco Free Kids.

Electronic cigarette devices like JUULs have become popular among teens in recent years, causing an increase in nicotine consumption among teens.

Electronic cigarette devices like JUULs have become popular among teens in recent years, causing an increase in nicotine consumption among teens.

The data comes as there has been a surge of teens admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

Almost a third of children aged 12 to 17 who were admitted to hospital with symptoms of Covid-19 required intensive care, and five percent ended up on a ventilator.

However, children only make up 0.1% of all deaths from COVID.

“I am deeply concerned about the number of adolescents hospitalized and saddened to see the number of adolescents who have required treatment in intensive care units or mechanical ventilation,” said CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, mentionned in a report.


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New antibody drug shows promise in mouse study; vaping can increase the vulnerability of the lungs to the virus https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/new-antibody-drug-shows-promise-in-mouse-study-vaping-can-increase-the-vulnerability-of-the-lungs-to-the-virus/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/new-antibody-drug-shows-promise-in-mouse-study-vaping-can-increase-the-vulnerability-of-the-lungs-to-the-virus/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 01:50:49 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/new-antibody-drug-shows-promise-in-mouse-study-vaping-can-increase-the-vulnerability-of-the-lungs-to-the-virus/

Image by vapeclubmy via Unsplash

The following is a summary of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

New antibody drug shows promise in mouse studies

An experimental new type of antibody drug from IGM Bioscience Inc may be more potent at inhibiting the coronavirus and its variants than the antibody-based therapies currently in use, research in mice suggests. And it is easier to administer with a more direct effect on the lungs.

Current antibody-based drugs use so-called IgG antibodies, which are bivalent (two-armed) – meaning they can attach simultaneously to two of the spikes that the coronavirus uses to enter cells.

The IgM antibody is 10-valent (10 arms), so it can bind up to 10 viral tip proteins at the same time, explained Zhiqiang An from Texas Medical Center in Houston and Pei-Yong Shi from the University of Texas. Medical Branch in Galveston. , who are among the authors of a report in Nature.

The IgM antibody can therefore bind more strongly and efficiently to the virus, they added.

The IgM antibody showed wide coverage of the variants of concern, the researchers said. In addition, it can be administered by nasal spray, whereas conventional antibody drugs require intravenous infusions.

The intravenously infused IgG antibody should be administered in high doses because most of it remains in the blood, with very limited antiviral effects in the respiratory tract.

Nasal administration would allow lower doses and direct access to the airways and lungs. It could also be self-administered without medical supervision, the researchers said. However, the drug has yet to be tested in humans to assess its actual impact on COVID-19 treatment, One said.

Electronic cigarettes may increase the lungs’ vulnerability to coronavirus

Vaping has been linked to higher rates of COVID-19 in some studies.

A small new study has found that lung cells exposed to liquid from e-cigarettes appear to be more vulnerable to the spike protein that the coronavirus uses to enter cells.

In test-tube experiments, researchers took samples of cells that line the lungs and exposed some of them to the liquid used in Juul e-cigs. Then they exposed the cells to a harmless virus that had been coated with the coronavirus spike protein.

Researchers found higher infection rates in lung cells treated with e-liquid, compared to unexposed cells, according to a report released on bioRxiv Sunday ahead of peer review.

Nicotine may contribute to the higher rate of infection in cells treated with e-liquid, the authors speculate, but they are not sure. “Our results strongly encourage us to consider vaping as a risk factor for COVID-19”, they said.

Bots spread a lot of misinformation about COVID-19

Automated computer programs, or “bots,” spread a lot of COVID-19 misinformation on social media, new research confirms. Robots are easy to spot, said Dr John Ayers of the University of California at Davis.

“You’re just looking for coordinated behavior, like Facebook groups sharing the exact same content within seconds,” he said.

The study analyzed 299,925 messages posted on 563 Facebook groups, identifying groups that seemed particularly susceptible to the influence of bots.

In those groups, identical links were shared at average intervals of 4.28 seconds, compared to 4.35 hours for the groups least influenced by bots, the researchers reported Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Next, they monitored posts sharing a link to a study in which masks were found to protect against COVID-19.

Where bots had the most influence, posts sharing the trial were 2.3 times more likely to report false results and 2.5 times more likely to make conspiratorial claims than those appearing on the least influenced groups. by bots.

Instead of focusing on bots, social media companies continue to assess whether individual posts contain disinformation, Ayers said. “It’s like playing ‘Whac-A-Mole'” he said, adding that disinformation generated by robots “could undermine critical health institutions.”

—Report by Nancy Lapid and Linda Carroll; Editing by Bill Berkrot

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Allegations of Racism and Mistreatment of Inmates at Bullitt County Jail Described in New Whistleblower Trial | New https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/allegations-of-racism-and-mistreatment-of-inmates-at-bullitt-county-jail-described-in-new-whistleblower-trial-new/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/allegations-of-racism-and-mistreatment-of-inmates-at-bullitt-county-jail-described-in-new-whistleblower-trial-new/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 16:32:00 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/allegations-of-racism-and-mistreatment-of-inmates-at-bullitt-county-jail-described-in-new-whistleblower-trial-new/

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Grace Smith and Carl Reesor helped run the Bullitt County Detention Center in 2019, but they quit their jobs last fall.

They said they couldn’t take care of the man in charge, jailer Paul Watkins.

“He’s extremely racist,” Smith said. “He tried to hide it, but when you’ve been a racist for a long time, you don’t hide it very well … The jailer was a force to be reckoned with. He didn’t believe in playing by the rules.”

“He explained that he hated the Chinese,” added Reesor. “It was to the point that we thought he was joking, and we all kind of look at each other. Then we find out he’s serious.”

“I was there when he made comments about the Chinese, and he had issues with everyone,” Smith added. “If you weren’t an older white man like him, he had a problem with that. He was very sexist towards women.”

The two former employees of the command staff have just filed a complaint against Bullitt Fiscal Court and Watkins.

“I don’t think anyone would be surprised with what is happening in Bullitt County because Bullitt County has a bad reputation when it comes to inmate abuse,” Smith said.

These are just the latest charges against Watkins and the Tax Court. Surveillance video from inside the prison in April 2019 is part of another trial. In it, Watkins says this about a nurse, “What about that chick here? … is she okay? I came here for an exam, girl.”

WDRB file photo.

Several employees contacted WDRB News in 2019 to complain about a hostile, unprofessional and sexist work environment at the prison.

This case should be tried next April. In that surveillance video, Watkins says, “” Instead of talking about it, why the hell don’t you tell them in a nice way. “But his behavior at the time is similar to what Reesor and Smith claim in their lawsuit.

Smith and Reesor allege Watkins even told them that former Deputy Chief Jailer Dave Greenwell made racist comments about them.

“He let the deputy chef call me a ‘chicken eater’ and ‘watermelon eater,'” Smith said. “And him being the jailer, he didn’t do anything about it. He told us that was how I knew it, and he didn’t think it was a big thing or anything. “

Greenwell was fired in January 2020 and said he couldn’t remember saying anything racist to anyone and Watkins “lying about everything”. Greenwell, the former Bullitt County Sheriff who was acquitted under a federal drug trafficking program, also told WDRB News about a hostile work environment in the jail. The lawsuit claims that Greenwell also called Reesor an “N-lover”.

“With 40 years of law enforcement experience, I’ve tried to bring this to the establishment and make it more professional as an agency,” Reesor said. “It met with resistance throughout the process.”

Watkins fired Reesor and Smith, telling WDRB News they had quit work.

In this whistleblower trial, Reesor and Smith outline a number of prison allegations.

“There were 22 doors in the facility that either had no locks or had issues,” Reesor said. “The inmates traveled wherever they wanted. We stopped it all and fixed it.”

“Mental health is one of the things we worked on every day we were there,” Smith added. “Because their idea of ​​sanity was to put somebody in the cell with no bunk or whatever and lay on the floor and call them and watch them. We told them it wasn’t. was not unacceptable, and he fought us over it. “

The lawsuit says there were several violations of law, policies and procedures at the prison.

“They hired people from the streets and didn’t check their backgrounds,” Reesor said.

They say the detainees were not provided with underwear and appropriate food to eat.

“Finding worms in the food – I brought this to the attention of the prison inspector, as they were buying food in Mexico and serving inmates,” Reesor said. “It was a problem to provide them with underwear. They were in a facility without underwear, and that’s a KY DOC standard.”

Lawsuit alleges command staff warned Watkins that his behavior could amount to sexual harassment, claiming Watkins would go to the inmate area with e-cigarettes in her pocket and an inmate would put her hands in her pocket to retrieve them .

Watkins initially agreed to speak to WDRB News for a taped interview, but later canceled after speaking with his attorney. But he discussed the allegations over the phone.

“This is the biggest thing I have ever heard of in my life,” he said, adding that he was not racist and believed those who pursued him were only looking for money. .

He said the allegations were “completely false” and that he had “two biracial grandchildren”. Watkins said he hired more minorities at the prison than ever before.

Bullitt County Executive Judge Jerry Summers said he was disappointed with the allegations against Watkins.

“He would start every conversation with him having biracial grandchildren,” Smith said. “He’s not racist because he has biracial grandchildren, and that would get old after a while. For me, he was looking for validation.”

The plaintiffs seek a jury trial and damages.

“I believe that a person who is going to be a jailer has to be trained to be a jailer,” Reesor said. “You can’t go from roofer to jailer in the state and know what your job is.”

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COVID-19 pandemic has raised new questions about vaping https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/covid-19-pandemic-has-raised-new-questions-about-vaping/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/covid-19-pandemic-has-raised-new-questions-about-vaping/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 15:26:00 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/covid-19-pandemic-has-raised-new-questions-about-vaping/

MILWAUKEE – Before COVID-19 was in the spotlight, Wisconsin was concerned about a different public health crisis affecting people’s lungs.

As e-cigarette use skyrockets among young people, a host of mysterious – and sometimes fatal – lung diseases linked to vaping triggered alarms. Milwaukee officials have urged everyone in town to stop vaping immediately; state health officials have called teenage vaping aepidemic. “

But soon that public health fear was spooked – by a pandemic that infected hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinians.

“People aren’t thinking about smoking and vaping right now,” said Dr. Megan Piper of UW-Madison, associate director of research at Tobacco Research and Intervention Center. “People are thinking of the pandemic. “

Still, some Wisconsinians are working hard to ensure that education and research on vaping doesn’t go away, even though they are no longer the biggest public health issue.

And the pandemic has only added to the list of questions about vaping – like how blockages will affect trends in e-cigarette use, and whether a history of vaping puts people at greater risk of harm. infection like COVID-19.

“Everything in the health care system has become very focused on treating COVID,” Piper said. But in the future, she said, “I hope cigarettes and e-cigarette use will be back on the preventive health agenda.”

The state of vaping

As the pandemic began, e-cigarette use was actually starting to decline among young people, said Lindsey Boehm, a recently graduated nursing student from UW-Eau Claire. Boehm worked with nursing professor Lorraine Smith on a youth awareness project on the risks of vaping.

After several years of rising, 2020 saw a drop in the number of middle and high school students who reported vaping in the past 30 days, according to the National Youth Smoking Survey. About 20% of high school students said they vaped in this latest survey, up from around 28% the year before.

“This really dangerous growth that we worried about in teens has really diminished,” Piper said.

Federal measures like raising the age to purchase tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, and ban many flavored vape products likely played into that decline, the researchers said. But with COVID-19 disrupting the lives and school years of young people, there are still many questions about how these trends will continue.

For teens, peer pressure is a huge factor, Smith pointed out. And a big part of e-cigarette use among young people is about getting together and being social, Piper added.

Bella Le, a junior at Franklin High School, said she saw in her school how vaping can become a social norm. Le is part of his local FACT group, which helps educate teens about the risks of tobacco and other related products.

“People just think it’s part of the high school experience, that you’re supposed to try alcohol and tobacco and vape,” Le said.

While many schools turned to virtual classrooms or hybrid models during the pandemic, Smith and Piper said these social factors may not have had the same impact.

On the flip side, however, many people use e-cigarettes and other substances to deal with anxiety and other mental health issues, Boehm pointed out. In the United States, substance use increased in the early days of the pandemic, along with other mental health issues, according to CDC Research.

“Stress leads to an automatic response of reaching for a cigarette, to a vape if you’re addicted,” Piper said. With the increased levels of stress, loneliness and boredom during the pandemic – and the disappearance of other rewarding activities, such as getting together with loved ones – “you are just looking for anything to help you feel a little better during the day, ”she said.

An additional risk?

Scientifically, it is still early to draw conclusions, the researchers said. But some preliminary research has found that vaping can increase the risk of COVID-19.

A Stanford University study interviewed thousands of young people aged 13 to 24 who had been tested for coronavirus. In this group, people who said they had ever used vaping products were five times more likely to test positive than those who said they had never vaped.

There are two main theories about how vaping could lead to a higher risk of catching COVID-19, Boehm said.

The behavior itself can be a problem: a person who vapes is of course not wearing a mask. And young people tend to share devices, Boehm said, which could lead to more dissemination as well.

Plus, while vaping products don’t contain the same toxins as traditional cigarettes, they still affect the body – and could potentially make it more prone to infections.

“As we say, although electronic cigarettes are less harmful than fuels, they are not harmless,” Piper said.

The use of e-cigarettes is still a relatively new trend, Piper pointed out, so we don’t have a lot of information on how it affects the body in the long run.

But some studies have suggested that vaping could affect blood vessels in the brain, or lead to more expression of the ACE2 receptor – which the coronavirus uses to attach itself to cells. And other research has shown that nicotine can suppress parts of the immune system.

Smoking has been more clearly linked to worse COVID-19 outcomes, with a Cleveland Clinic Study heavy smokers were about twice as likely to be hospitalized or die after coronavirus infection.

While the exact links require further study, Le said the focus on health – and in particular lung health – during the pandemic may have discouraged people from purchasing vape products.

“It was just a wake-up call for people to focus on their health and how one little thing can change their lifestyle,” Le said.

Back burner

Even though these questions have been raised, much research on smoking and vaping has stalled, Piper said, making it difficult to track trends and develop new treatments. And for Boehm, Smith and Le, the work of educating and connecting with the community has largely moved online during the pandemic.

Instead of going to schools in person, Boehm and Smith connected with young people through virtual sessions. Le’s FACT group has turned a lot to social media instead of hosting events in the community.

While the online format has allowed their program to reach new audiences – like young people in a juvenile detention center – Smith said he feels vaping is really on the back burner in terms of priorities. public health.

Le said she looks forward to connecting with people and sharing information face-to-face again in the future.

“I hope we can have more outreach opportunities with the students, because I feel like it has a bigger impact on the community,” Le said. “There is so much you can do on social media. “

As the pandemic emerges, there will still be many questions about how the last year affected vaping and smoking trends, Piper said. And, of course, other pre-existing gaps – like understanding exactly how vaping affects the body in the long run – still need to be addressed, Smith said.

In the future, finding nuance in vaping messages will be critical, Piper said.

Although “the healthiest thing is not to inhale anything other than air,” she said, vaping can play an important role in helping people who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. much more dangerous fuels. (Smoking-related diseases kill nearly 500,000 Americans each year, she pointed out – which almost rivals the assessment of the first year of COVID-19.)

Preventing young people from developing a habit, while giving smokers the opportunity to change, is a delicate balance, she said.

“Electronic cigarettes have a place in helping smokers switch to a less harmful product,” Piper said. “Electronic cigarettes have nothing to do with being in the hands of adolescents, because of the risk of potential addiction, the other problems that brain development can cause. “

Among these young people, there is still work to be done to ensure that people understand the risks of vaping, Le said. Many high school students take the attitude of “I’ll always do what I want, because it’s my life,” she said – without really thinking about the health consequences.

Boehm, who was born and raised in Eau Claire, said making these connections with young people in her hometown has been a rewarding job.

“What interests me most [in this work] is just about empowering young people to make good decisions about their health, especially here in my community, ”said Boehm. “I think teens and teens need a little support in decision making, and they need to be empowered to learn about vaping so they can make better decisions about their health.”

The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line offers free help to quit smoking, vaping, or other tobacco uses. You can call 800-QUIT-NOW, text READY to 200-400 or chatting on the internet.

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NOT BY OUR SCHOOLS – The Gisborne Herald https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/not-by-our-schools-the-gisborne-herald/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/not-by-our-schools-the-gisborne-herald/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 01:21:57 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/not-by-our-schools-the-gisborne-herald/

The mayor slams the location of the new vape store.

The opening of a vaping store near three schools in Gisborne shows a “complete disregard” for the issue of vaping among students, said Mayor Rehette Stoltz.

The store is due to open in the former office of Cabinet Minister and Labor MP Kiri Allan at the corner of Stanley and Gladstone Roads.

Gisborne Girls ‘High is diagonally across the road, Gisborne Boys’ High is 235 meters on Stanley Road and Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Horouta Wananga is on Desmond Road nearby.

While liquor stores need a license to sell, vape stores do not.

Inside the building when The Herald visited the site were new cabinets and boxes addressed to Kolotex Limited, a national chain of retailers that “specializes in selling tobacco at the best prices online in New Zealand. Zealand, as well as electronic cigarettes, shisha pipes and other R18 products ”.

Mayor Rehette Stoltz is not happy.

“It is well known that schools in New Zealand are grappling with the rise of vaping among students as young as 11 years old, so opening a vaping store just yards from two high schools shows complete disregard for this issue.

“While there are currently few regulatory options to prevent this activity, it raises ethical questions for business owners as to where they choose to do business,” said Mayor Stoltz.

“The council is considering whether the building at 542 Gladstone Road can still be used for retail use (such as a vaping store) given that it has not been used for that purpose for several years now.

“The Department of Health consulted on its Smoke-Free Environments and Regulated Products Act earlier this year and the regulations are expected to be announced in August.

“I hope this includes mechanisms for local authorities to restrict where these businesses can operate.”

“What clientele are they targeting? ” : the directors

Girls’ High School student Erika McKee said many students believe the vaping store will negatively influence the large number of students who go to the dairy and bakery next door.

“Although most students are too young to buy vapes (18+), the vape store may get them to ask older friends or family to buy for them before or after school. “said Erika.

“It is a negative influence to have near schools.

Another student told Erika that most students start vaping because it is fashionable. They then became addicted to nicotine.

A single vape capsule for a JUUL e-cigarette is roughly equivalent to around 20 cigarettes.

Teen vaping research by health promotion agency Te Hiringa Hauora shows that the proportion of college students who have tried e-cigarettes has steadily increased.

A 2018 survey of 14- and 15-year-olds found 38% of college students had tried vaping, up from 29% two years earlier.

The main reasons teenage vapers smoke e-cigarettes are because they love flavors and enjoy vaping with their friends.

The same research found that Maori were twice as likely to be vapers as non-Maori.

Of the approximately 1,750 students in neighboring schools, about 65 percent of students identify as Maori.

Gisborne Boys and Girls’ High directors Jan Kumar and Andrew Turner said they like the fact that vaping helps smokers quit, but that doesn’t mean a vape shop should be right outside. so many students.

“There is very little parking at this site and the predominant pedestrian traffic is school-aged students,” they said.

“What clientele are they targeting? “

“Having a store near our schools is not helpful. This is a prime location to promote something that we are working hard to eliminate as a distraction for our students.

Directors said young people experience vaping because of its accessibility and become addicted in the process, impacting their health and learning.

“It is too early to understand the long-term impact of vaping on adolescent health.”

Gisborne District Councilor Meredith Akuhata-Brown agrees.

“We know that vaping has received this label, that it is less harmful than tobacco. And so, there is a push in the health space to get people to vape instead of smoking.

“However, in my opinion, we don’t have enough research to see what damage is done to the lungs.”

Vaping liquids have all the smells and tastes that appeal to young people. They are scented like lollipops and are understated and fashionable, attracting young people to try them, Cr Akuhata-Brown said.

“Now these stores are opening next to high schools. This will reverberate in the primary sector because what older siblings do, younger siblings usually want to try.

“I fear for the lungs of a generation.”

Cr Akuhata-Brown challenged the ethical and moral position of the owner of the vape store.

“Why would you choose to be in such a youth-centric space? Is that your only reason to be there? You are sending an unhealthy message.

“You want to make money and that’s the goal of your industry, but there are other spaces where you can open a point of sale.

“Please don’t open a store near two of our main high schools. . . send a strong message that you have a moral.

The owner of the building, Georg Winkler, told the Herald he knew the tenant would sell vaping products, but didn’t think the community would be very concerned.

“I looked at the pros and cons and saw that there was already a vaping store right there in the dairy (next to the store) and also another dairy a few hundred yards down the road.” , said Mr Winkler.

“It’s a national company with good controls and a reasoned approach, not a thug.

“I think it must be better than smoking.”

Mr Winkler said the company told him it would have a strict policy of not allowing uniformed students into the store and was considering closing during school hours.

The laws regarding the purchase of nicotine products were strict so that the students could not buy anything.

But it was open to the public for hearing.

“It’s good to hear other people’s perspective on this. I always like to do things well. This has always been my policy.

Mr. Winkler gave the Herald a contact number for the tenant.

The person who responded declined to comment and did not provide the name or contact details of the business owner.

However, a business research shows that Nelson Chamberlain owns Kolotex Limited. According to his LinkedIn profile, he owns Discount T, a national chain of tobacco retailers.

There are two Discount T stores in Gisborne, one in Kaiti Hub and the other on Gladstone Road.

Mr. Chamberlain made “no comment” when contacted by The Herald.

Too close for convenience: above, outside the soon to be opening vape shop near two high schools and a kura kaupapa are (left to right) Mayor Rehette Stoltz, Sumita Singh, Zoe Atsalis , Tiari Pepere, Sivera Peneha, Erika McKee, Emily Horne and Brodiee Henry. Photo by Liam Clayton

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Rotating brands – Consensus indicates upside potential of 21.6% https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/rotating-brands-consensus-indicates-upside-potential-of-21-6/ https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/rotating-brands-consensus-indicates-upside-potential-of-21-6/#respond Thu, 03 Jun 2021 07:45:09 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/rotating-brands-consensus-indicates-upside-potential-of-21-6/

Rotating marks found using ticker (TPB) now have 5 analysts covering the stock with the consensus suggesting a rating of “Buy”. The target price is between 60 and 43 and has an average target of 47.4. With the stock’s previous close at 38.97, this now indicates that there is upside potential of 21.6%. The 50-day moving average is 32.5 and the 200-day moving average is 28.4. The company has a market capitalization of $ 759 million. Company website: http://www.turningpointbrands.com

Turning Point Brands, along with its subsidiaries, supplies other tobacco products to the United States and Canada. The company operates in three segments: Smoke-Free Products, Smoker Products and NewGen Products. The Smokeless Products segment manufactures and markets leaf chewing tobacco and wet snuff. The Smoking Products segment markets and distributes cigarette papers, tubes and related products, as well as finished cigars and do-it-yourself cigar wrappers; and processes, packages, markets and distributes pipe tobacco. The NewGen Products segment markets and distributes electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, vaporizers and other tobacco and / or nicotine-free products. It also markets and distributes various assortments of vaping related and cannabidiol isolate (CBD) products to non-traditional retail outlets through VaporBeast, Vapor Shark, Vapor Supply, IVG and Solace; and various vapor and CBD related products to individual consumers through VaporShark and VaporFi branded retail outlets, as well as through online platforms. The company sells its products under the Zig-Zag, Beech-Nut, Stoker’s, Trophy, VaporBeast, Vapor Shark, VaporFi, Havana Blossom, Durango, Tequila Sunrise, Fred’s Choice, Old Hillside, Our Pride, Red Cap, Tennessee Chew, Big Marques Mountain, Springfield Standard, Snake River, DirectVapor, SouthBeachSmoke, and Nu-X Ventures. It sells its products to wholesale distributors and retailers in independent and chain convenience stores, tobacco stores, grocery stores, mass merchandising, drug stores and non-traditional retail channels. The company was previously known as North Atlantic Holding Company and changed its name to Turning Point Brands in November 2015. Turning Point Brands was incorporated in 2004 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Turning Point Brands is a subsidiary of Standard Diversified Inc.

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