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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Smokers who vape to quit are at risk of becoming addicted to both, according to a new study, and the Cleveland Clinic is offering sessions on promoting brain health.

Cleveland.com brings together some of the most notable local and national health news making headlines online. Here’s what you need to know for Tuesday, August 9.

Smokers who vape to quit risk becoming addicted

Smokers who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking increase their risk of becoming addicted to both, suggests a new study from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine, vaping is as addictive as smoking, the researchers said.

The study looked at electronic health record data from about 112,000 smokers who sought outpatient care at a single hospital from 2018 to 2020.

Over the study period, the number of cigarette smokers who also started vaping tripled, from 0.8% in the first year to over 2% in the second year.

About 1 in 5 of these “dual-use” smokers eventually quit within a year, a slightly higher success rate than among those who used cigarettes only.

But about two-thirds of patients who smoked and vaped were still smoking after a year, according to the study. Dual-use smokers who also used traditional smoking cessation programs were much more likely to quit.

The Cleveland Clinic offers brain health sessions

Learn about brain health in a two-part community education program presented by the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Sessions will cover healthy aging and ways to promote brain health.

An optional memory projection will be offered with each program. Participants must register in advance for a memory screening.

Both programs will take place at the Langston Hughes Community Health and Education Center, 2390 E. 79th St., Cleveland.

Programs are Wednesday August 10 and Wednesday August 24. Both programs take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

To register, email cbresearch@ccf.org or call 216-210-3881.

Antibiotic after sex without a condom helps guard against sexually transmitted infections

A new study indicates that taking a single dose of a widely used inexpensive antibiotic within three days of having sex without a condom could help prevent chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. These three sexually transmitted infections have increased in the United States and elsewhere over the past two decades.

The study, primarily involving men who have sex with men in San Francisco and Seattle, was halted in May after an independent data monitoring committee found that the strategy, known as post prophylaxis -exposure to doxycycline (doxyPEP), reduced the risk of chlamydia and gonorrhea by more than 60% – a result so convincing that it was not necessary to continue the study.

DoxyPEP also appeared to protect against syphilis, but too few cases occurred during the trial to reach statistical significance. But there are fears the diet could trigger antibiotic resistance, and scientists disagree on whether to introduce doxyPEP now.

Prevention of bacterial sexually transmitted infections in men who have sex with men has become more important in part because the success of antiretroviral drugs against HIV has led to more condomless sex in this population.

‘Superbug’ infections have increased in US hospitals during the pandemic

Infections and deaths from some of the most harmful antibiotic-resistant pathogens in US hospitals rose at least 15% in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control has reported. and Prevention from the United States.

Deaths from these infections have risen to almost 30,000 in 2020, reversing the drop in “superbug” infections seen in the previous decade. The CDC pointed to overworked hospital workers forced to drop sanitation precautions and shortages of personal protective equipment as the reasons for the rise in infections.

Resistant microbes considered to be among the most dangerous have led to the largest reported increases in nosocomial infection rates.

For example, the rate of the microbe that commonly infects patients on ventilators, such as those hospitalized with COVID-19, has increased by 78%, the CDC said.

Menthol in e-cigarettes harms lungs, University of Hawaii study finds https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/menthol-in-e-cigarettes-harms-lungs-university-of-hawaii-study-finds/ Sun, 07 Aug 2022 10:08:32 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/menthol-in-e-cigarettes-harms-lungs-university-of-hawaii-study-finds/ Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story!

BYD Electronics Obtains License to Process E-Cigarettes https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/byd-electronics-obtains-license-to-process-e-cigarettes/ Thu, 04 Aug 2022 09:33:00 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/byd-electronics-obtains-license-to-process-e-cigarettes/

On August 4, BYD Electronics announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary BYD Precision Manufacturing had obtained a tobacco production enterprise license issued by China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

BYD Electronics said the company has completed the patent application of a full range of electronic atomization products and the construction of automatic production lines. The company also incorporates its own capabilities such as R&D of new materials, precision molds and smart manufacturing. Today, BYD said its electronics branch firmly adheres to e-cigarette policies and starts production and operations in accordance with laws and regulations.

BYD Electronics is a spin-off manufacturing company of BYD and is independently listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Its manufacturing foundry covers many fields, such as smartphones, computers, masks, electronic cigarettes, etc.

BYD Electronics has been in the e-cigarette field since 2018. It launched the “BEEM CORE” brand logo for ceramic atomization core technology in 2021.

Smoore is currently a leader in the field of e-cigarettes. According to a Frost & Sullivan report, in 2021, Smoore’s global market share continued to increase to 22.8%, surpassing the sum of second to fifth place. However, many laggards have entered the market, such as BYD Electronics, Luxshare Precision, and other manufacturing companies.

In the first half of 2022, several Chinese government departments successively promulgated the Electronic Cigarette Administration and the National Electronic Cigarette Standard, which indicates that to engage in the production and business activities of electronic cigarettes, atomizers, nicotine for electronic cigarettes, a production business license must be obtained. As of August 4, more than 130 companies had obtained licenses.

SEE ALSO: Chinese national standards for e-cigarettes to start on October 1

BACK TO SCHOOL: Using e-cigarettes at school can help discipline https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/back-to-school-using-e-cigarettes-at-school-can-help-discipline/ Mon, 01 Aug 2022 16:03:54 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/back-to-school-using-e-cigarettes-at-school-can-help-discipline/

The impact of e-cigarettes on our schools

In recent months, great steps have been taken to reduce the impact of e-cigarettes on middle and high schools across the country. However, this in no way means that the tobacco industry has been contained. In fact, the CDC estimates that in 2020, 19.6% of high school students (3.02 million) and 4.7% of middle school students (550,000) reported currently using e-cigarettes in the United States. This is a problem that has gone on for too long.

Nicotine use during adolescence poses a threat to students’ developing brains, affecting learning, memory and attention spans, as well as increasing the risk of future nicotine addiction, according to the Surgeon General. other drugs. Even scarier, e-cigarettes can be modified to contain other substances, including marijuana and other dangerous and illegal drugs. As with nicotine, e-cigarettes can contain much purer and more potent doses of the active ingredient (THC) in marijuana than a typical marijuana cigarette. A student who buys an e-cig or shares an e-cig with a friend may have no way of knowing that the device contains potentially dangerous drugs.

Public schools in Rio Rancho do not take the use of e-cigarettes lightly. The disciplinary matrix will be followed for students who are in possession or use of e-cigs, including 1-10 day suspension out of school depending on level of violation and number of violations.

The internet has some great resources to help parents teach their kids about e-cigs and learn more about themselves. One such resource is the US Surgeon General’s e-cig web portal, https://e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov.

14 detained at airport for smuggling cigarettes and e-cigarettes worth Rs 50 lakh https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/14-detained-at-airport-for-smuggling-cigarettes-and-e-cigarettes-worth-rs-50-lakh/ Sat, 30 Jul 2022 17:22:16 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/14-detained-at-airport-for-smuggling-cigarettes-and-e-cigarettes-worth-rs-50-lakh/

Photo: iStock

Customs officers at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport apprehended 14 passengers arriving from Sharjah and Dubai and seized cigarettes and e-cigarettes valued at Rs 50 lakh, over the past week. In the latest case, six passengers were arrested while trying to smuggle cigarettes and e-cigarettes from Sharjah into the country, as reported by IANS.
Customs officials said as many as 22,600 cigarettes and 940 e-cigarettes worth a total of Rs 11.66 lakhs were seized from the passengers. “The goods have been confiscated. Further investigation is ongoing,” Hyderabad Customs said.

This is the third such case in a week. Earlier on July 27, customs officers apprehended three passengers on the same flight from Sharjah and seized the same contraband. Officials said the three passengers attempted to smuggle 40,800 cigarettes and 1,010 e-cigarettes with an estimated value of around Rs 14 lakhs, as reported by IANS.

Similarly, on July 25, six passengers on the flights from Dubai and Sharjah were caught with cigarettes and e-cigarettes worth around Rs 25 lakhs which were later confiscated by customs officials.

In another similar incident, Mumbai police seized electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) including flavored tobacco worth over Rs 14.60 lakh after conducting raids at 12 locations in the city, including its suburbs. The team during the raid arrested 11 defendants.
The raid was carried out jointly by the Economic Crimes Wing (EOW) Criminal Branch Control, Midday reported.
“Considering that youngsters in Mumbai are consuming e-cigarettes which are harmful to their health, EOW branch crime branch control raided 12 locations and seized e-cigarettes worth Rs 14,60,420 and registered a case against the accused,” the investigator said. said the officer.
Can you vape on a plane? E-Cigarette Travel Rules and Laws Explained https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/can-you-vape-on-a-plane-e-cigarette-travel-rules-and-laws-explained/ Thu, 28 Jul 2022 20:00:46 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/can-you-vape-on-a-plane-e-cigarette-travel-rules-and-laws-explained/

BEFORE you go on vacation, you should check the rules on vaping to avoid breaking the law.

We explain all the rules about vaping on planes and what is prohibited.


It is important that you check with the relevant authorities about vaping bans before you go.Credit: Getty – Contributor

Can you vape on planes?

Passengers on board a flight are not permitted to vape on any airline in the UK.

EasyJet and Ryanair allow passengers to carry their vapes in their hand luggage, but have a strict no-smoking policy that applies to vaping.

Electronic cigarettes also do not have to be registered.

Ryanair even reserves the right to refuse passengers on board a flight if “you have smoked, or attempted to smoke, on a previous flight”.

If you are caught vaping on a flight, you could face heavy fines or be banned from the airline.

A man has been banned for life from flying with Spirit Airlines after using his e-cigarette in the bathroom, resulting in the plane crashing.

It’s also worth checking whether they’re allowed in the country you’re traveling to, as e-cigarettes are already banned in over 45 countries.

Can you vape in airports?

All airports have banned vaping indoors, as with normal cigarettes.

Some airports have designated smoking areas outside the terminals for travelers to use.

What forms of travel make it possible to vape?

In the UK, vaping has also been banned on buses and trains.

Although many train companies and stations once allowed vaping on platforms, most have also been banned.

In the capital, e-cigarettes are also banned on London Underground services.

Although vaping is not illegal, drivers who are distracted by e-cigarette smoke can be prosecuted for driving without care or attention.


Credit: Getty – Contributor

Police can fine you £100 on the spot and three penalty points if they think the clouds of smoke are impacting your ability to drive safely.

And in more serious cases or those challenged in court, the charge can result in a fine of up to £5,000, up to nine penalty points and even a court-imposed driving ban.

Where can you vape in the UK?

The government hasn’t officially banned vaping anywhere, it’s up to the property owner.

Many private and public organizations have banned the use of electronic cigarettes, so it is essential to check with the authorities beforehand.

Cardiologists take note: Troubling e-cigarette trends warrant a new approach https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/cardiologists-take-note-troubling-e-cigarette-trends-warrant-a-new-approach/ Tue, 26 Jul 2022 20:30:00 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/cardiologists-take-note-troubling-e-cigarette-trends-warrant-a-new-approach/

“When you give this data to most doctors, they are shocked,” said Michael Blaha.

Two new studies providing insight into e-cigarette use among teens and young adults should serve as a reminder for doctors unaware of how much and how often these products are used. Additionally, this is a rapidly changing space that, unlike national patterns for other cardiovascular risk factors, requires regular re-intake.

“I think people in the cardiovascular community should follow this story more carefully,” lead author Michael Blaha, MD (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD), told TCTMD. “When you give this data to most doctors, they are shocked. Most of the time they don’t even know it [e-cigarette use] is it common, so that’s my number one point: we should ask our patients about it, even though we can’t say exactly how harmful it is. »

Second, Blaha continued, “there is definitely a trend towards daily use, which suggests that these could be addictive in the same way as cigarettes.”

Current and frequent use

A study, published in Open JAMA Network, examined data from 2017, 2018, and 2020 from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, a nationally representative survey of nearly one million American adults ages 18 and older. During this period, the prevalence of current e-cigarette use (past 30 days) increased from 4.4% in 2017 to 5.5% in 2018, and then dropped to 5.1% in 2020. But, worryingly, daily e-cigarette use increased from 1.5% in 2017 to 2.3% in 2020. Among adults aged 21-24, daily use was 6.6% , with heterogeneous use in US states.

In the second study of high school students, using data from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System from 2015 to 2019 and published in Preventive Medicine Reports, the numbers are more shocking. Among the more than 41,000 students surveyed, current usage increased from 24.0% in 2015 to 32.7% in 2019. Even more troubling, frequent usage (10 or more uses in the past 30 days) among current users increased from 22.6% in 2015 to 45.4% in 2019.

There are important reasons to consider usage patterns in young adults separately from those in adolescents, Blaha pointed out. The social pressures are different, as are the reasons for choosing a vape in the first place. But what’s worrying, he says, is that some trends are consistent between high school students and young adults.

“What we’re seeing over time, as e-cigarette products have come out longer and longer, both in adults and in children, is that the proportion of users who are daily or frequent users is increasing. And I think that’s important because it suggests nicotine addiction. It suggests that more people are using it on a daily basis in their lives rather than occasionally.

Much is still unknown about the effects of vaping and e-cigarette nicotine on the cardiopulmonary system. While advocates argue that electronic devices are likely a safer alternative to smoking, recent observational research suggests that people who swap their combustible smokes for e-cigarettes probably gain nothing in terms of reduced cardiovascular risk. There is also data to suggest that e-cigarette use among adolescents is strongly associated with future smoking.

Ellen Boakye, MD, MPH (Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Baltimore, MD), and Mohammadhassan Mirbolouk, MD (Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT), were co-first authors of the Preventive Medicine Reports paper. Boakye was the lead author of the study in Open JAMA Network.

Safer, not sure?

Blaha predicts that these latest articles will draw the usual reprimands on social media from people who say they’ve successfully quit smoking by having e-cigarettes as an alternative, while others will speak out against the risks the devices pose.

Both, he says, can be true at the same time. “I think there are a lot of worrying trends in e-cigarette use, particularly the one around daily use and nicotine addiction, but it’s also true that the data largely confirms that these devices are less harmful than smoking, although more research is needed.

But what is also true is that using e-cigarettes is more harmful than not using them. “The FDA has used the phrase in its public health messages — safer, not safe — to try to drive home this point,” Blaha said. “So it’s true that e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking, but they can still be very harmful.”

He mentions several other observations from the two surveys. Smoking among young people is at an “all-time low”, for example. Whether this will hold true if nicotine addiction is on the rise remains to be seen. There is a growing body of evidence, Blaha said, showing that vaping is a gateway to smoking among young people who did not smoke before trying the electronic alternative.

E-cigarette use was heterogeneous across US states in both surveys, but tended to follow a similar geographic pattern, Blaha noted. “A key point is that the correlates of e-cigarette use are roughly the same correlates as those of smoking.” This includes things like alcohol or illicit drug use, depression, and other cardiovascular risk factors.

Among teens, a growing proportion of respondents said they had “borrowed” or purchased vapes through older youth, suggesting an increase in efforts to circumvent age restrictions. There was also a slight increase in the proportion of young people who said they had tried to quit smoking.

Watch this place

It’s important to redo these types of surveys, both of which rely on pre-pandemic data, Blaha said. Not only have COVID-19 lockdowns and their mental health fallout had a profound impact on people’s behaviors, but many national surveys have also been changed or halted during strong surges. The regulatory world is also changing, with the FDA recently announcing plans to reduce nicotine levels in e-cigarette products.

As a result, these two articles, while provocative, are already outdated, Blaha said. And when it comes to e-cigarettes, doctors, researchers, and policymakers are faced with something very different from the traditional risk factors for which demographics are well known.

“We need to update these documents a lot because the frequency of, say, hypertension or hypercholesterolemia doesn’t change much from year to year, but [e-cigarette patterns] change so quickly. That is why doctors need to be somehow updated in this area.

If they’re not already doing so, he added, physicians need to stop asking their patients about “smoking” and instead ask specific questions about vaping in addition to traditional smoking habits.

“A simple ‘do you smoke or not’ doesn’t reflect the range of smoking habits that your patients have. And you just don’t know if you don’t ask.

Commonwealth Magazine https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/commonwealth-magazine/ Mon, 25 Jul 2022 10:19:52 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/commonwealth-magazine/

US Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, has become one of the most vocal critics of the US Supreme Court after recent rulings on abortion, gun licensing and the Environmental Protection. Markey has called for four more seats to be added to the court, to minimize his current conservative tilt.

“If a bully steals your lunch money and you don’t do anything, he’ll come back for more next time,” Markey said on the codcast this week. “So the Republicans stole two seats. Imagine what they will do in the next ten years if we do nothing to restore the balance of the court.

Markey called the current tribunal “illegitimate.” Pressed on why, Markey cited the Republican-controlled Senate’s refusal to hold hearings on Obama nominee Merrick Garland during an election year, and then their decision to confirm Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett, despite the upcoming presidential election. Markey called it “absolutely a violation of the so-called McConnell rule that we wouldn’t act on a Supreme Court justice in an election year,” referring to the Republican Senate Minority Leader , Mitch McConnell.

“These justices are now part of a majority that aims to systematically undermine progressive decisions that have been made over two generations in our country,” Markey said.

If the tribunal is not expanded to “reclaim” those seats, Markey said, recent decisions “are just a preview of the atrocities to come that will emanate from the Supreme Court.

When asked if Republicans wouldn’t just take back those extra seats when they got the power, Markey said, “The only alternative is to just accept the fact that for the next 15 years, Republican justices in right who are relatively young on the Supreme Court will undermine everything.” Markey said that could include rights to same-sex marriage and contraception, and the FDA’s authority to regulate e-cigarettes.

Markey also called for scrapping the filibuster, the rule that requires 60 votes rather than a majority for a bill to pass the Senate. He called the procedure “arcane” and said it “inhibits the Senate from acting according to the will of the American people.” “Of my view, the filibuster is that Jim Crow relic from an earlier era that has now come to haunt our nation in the 21st century“, Markey said.

Asked why the solution to the filibuster isn’t bipartisanship, Markey said the problem is a Republican party that’s “in the grip of a right-wing ideology that terrifies them, and that ideology is Donald Trump..” He said it was necessary to restore “balance” to the Supreme Court for now, “and maybe, just maybe, we will reach a day when the Republican Party comes to its senses.”

Regarding specific court rulings, Markey said the ruling that the EPA cannot regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants is actually the court providing a “leaky bucket” to handle. a “five-alarm climatic fire”.

Markey appeared with President Biden in Somerset last week, where the president announced modest executive actions to tackle climate change. Many environmental activists have urged the president to go further, and Markey said he sees the president’s initial actions as a start..

Meet the author

Journalist, Commonwealth

About Shira Schoenberg

Shira Schoenberg is a reporter for CommonWealth magazine. Shira previously worked for over seven years at Springfield Republican/MassLive.com where she covered state politics and elections, covering topics as diverse as the launch of the legal marijuana industry, issues with the state’s foster care system and the elections for US senators. Elizabeth Warren and Governor Charlie Baker. Shira won the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Excellence in Legal Journalism Award in 2018 and several articles have won awards from the New England Newspaper and Press Association. Shira covered New Hampshire’s 2012 presidential primary for The Boston Globe. Prior to that, she worked for the Concord (NH) Monitor, where she wrote about state government, City Hall, and Barack Obama’s 2008 primary campaign in New Hampshire. Shira holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

About Shira Schoenberg

Shira Schoenberg is a reporter for CommonWealth magazine. Shira previously worked for over seven years at Springfield Republican/MassLive.com where she covered state politics and elections, covering topics as diverse as the launch of the legal marijuana industry, issues with the state’s foster care system and the elections for US senators. Elizabeth Warren and Governor Charlie Baker. Shira won the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Excellence in Legal Journalism Award in 2018 and several articles have won awards from the New England Newspaper and Press Association. Shira covered New Hampshire’s 2012 presidential primary for The Boston Globe. Prior to that, she worked for the Concord (NH) Monitor, where she wrote about state government, City Hall, and Barack Obama’s 2008 primary campaign in New Hampshire. Shira holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

He has made it very clear that he will be rolling out executive action after executive action in the coming months that will replace, so far, the failure of Congress to act on the climate crisis,” he said. declared. Markey said the United States needs a strong climate policy to send a message to the world about the importance of climate change.We cannot preach temperance from a bar stool,” he said.

While the state legislature operates update gun laws to comply with the High Court’s ruling on gun licensing, Markey said he encouraged the Legislative Assembly to close the loopholes left by the court. “Massachusetts must work to make the NRA irrelevant in American politics. We should be the leader,” he said.

When it comes to abortion, Markey said, the United States is going through “dark times” and it is fortunate that Governor Charlie Baker and the Legislature are taking action to legally protect abortion providers who serve women who travel from other states. Massachusetts must be a haven for people across the country who are being denied the care they seek in their home country,” Markey said. “It’s a simple fact that we need more pro-choice governors and state legislatures to protect abortion access after this decision. But I think our legislature is leading the way.


BAT launches crucial innovation with a traditional cigarette that does not burn | Local https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/bat-launches-crucial-innovation-with-a-traditional-cigarette-that-does-not-burn-local/ Fri, 22 Jul 2022 22:45:00 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/bat-launches-crucial-innovation-with-a-traditional-cigarette-that-does-not-burn-local/

British American Tobacco Plc has unveiled its latest bid to close a significant market share and innovation gap in the traditional smokeless cigarette category.

BAT, the parent company of Reynolds American Inc., introduced the hyper X2 version of its glo brand in Tokyo this week. It is not available in the United States

The products will go on sale in convenience stores in August, as well as on the glo and Velo site on Monday. The performance of glo hyper X2 will be critical for BAT given that Japan is the world’s largest market, accounting for approximately 85% of traditional combustionless cigarette sales. The hyper X2 version offers “advanced induction heating technology in a smaller, lighter device…with a separate boost function for faster heating,” the company said.

Kingsley Wheaton, Chief Marketing Officer of BAT, said the hyper X2 “marks another key milestone in our transformation as we build the brands of our future.”

People also read…

“Since launching our first glo product in Japan in 2016, we have built glo into a billion-dollar global brand through our deep consumer insights, science and innovation.”

The hyper X2 is expected to be rolled out to the remaining 24 global markets where glo products are sold.

BAT said in June it reached 19.4 million consumers of next-generation products globally, up from 18.3 million as of December 31.

For fiscal year 2021, revenue from the new category, which is heavily influenced by Reynolds, was $2.79 billion, up 51.8% from fiscal year 2020.

Products in the new category are led by RJ Reynolds Vapor Co.’s Vuse – which recently returned as America’s top-selling e-cigarette, as well as modern and glo oral products led by Camel Snus and Velo.

Vuse is the world’s best-selling e-cigarette with a market share of 34.4% in April. BAT launched its Vuse Go disposable style in the UK in May with further market rollouts planned for the second half of 2022.

BAT chief executive Jack Bowles expressed confidence in June that BAT will meet its goal of at least $6.79 billion in new category annual revenue by 2025.

The manufacturer said it spent around $1.25 billion on next-generation product development in the first half of 2022.

game changer

Another reason Japan’s glo sales are key is that the country’s smokers illustrate how “the tobacco market can rapidly transform away from lethal inhalation of (traditional cigarette) smoke,” he said. David Sweanor, assistant law professor at the University of Ottawa and the author of several studies on electronic cigarettes and health.

A recent study co-authored by Sweanor found that traditional non-burning cigarettes in Japan led to “an astonishing 47.5% drop in traditional cigarette use in just six years.”

Philip Morris International introduced its iQOS devices – now marketed as Marlboro HeatSticks – in 2016. Japan Tobacco’s heat-not-burn Ploom product is glo’s only other main competitor.

“In Japan, unlike the United States, regulatory agencies and nicotine abstinence activists are not slowing this transition,” Sweanor said. “BAT must innovate to stay relevant in the Japanese market and prepare as other markets replicate Japanese success.”

Sweanor pleaded for the Food and Drug Administration to expedite its review of potential traditional cigarettes that don’t burn in the United States.

In September, BAT won a crucial legal victory in its patent infringement lawsuit against rival PMI.

The United States International Trade Commission has issued a final determination of a violation of the Tariff Act of 1930 by Philip Morris USA Inc. and Altria Client Services LLC with respect to two BAT product patents.

The lawsuit, filed in April 2020, relates to three non-combustion heat technology patents held by BAT. The patents were issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office between November 2012 and December 2019.

As a result, PM USA was prohibited from importing PMI’s traditional IQOS 2.4, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 Duo cigarettes, and also ordered to stop future sales of these products – marketed as Marlboro HeatSticks – already in the US

The international version of IQOS was cleared for sale by the Food and Drug Administration in April 2019 – with the caveat that this does not mean “these products are safe or approved by the FDA”.

IQOS products debuted in test markets in Atlanta in October 2019 and Richmond, Virginia in November 2019.

During the second quarter of 2021, PM USA expanded retail distribution of Marlboro HeatSticks in the Triad and other North Carolina metro areas, as well as northern Virginia and Georgia.

Piper Sandler analyst Michael Lavery said in September that because IQOS/Marlboro HeatSticks have a small presence in the US, “the short-term implications of the ITC’s unfavorable ruling are unlikely to be significant.” .

“However, we had high hopes for what iQOS could do in the United States, and believe that its early progress could have positioned iQOS for long-term sustainable growth, so we view this adverse decision as a negative.” Sweanor said heated tobacco products “are recognized by the FDA as less dangerous.”

“If such products and related risk information are made available to consumers, cigarette sales (in the United States) could plummet.

“Technology is improving rapidly and BAT has a choice between offering low-risk products or seeing other companies grab its market share.”

BAT lagging behind in the world

Third Bridge tobacco industry analyst Ross Hindle said in June that BAT remained behind Philip Morris International in terms of the global development of its next-generation products.

Barclays analyst Jain Gaurav said in June that “BAT’s non-combustion heat volumes are still only 22% of Philip Morris International’s volumes.

“BAT hasn’t launched a new glo device in almost 2.5 years, compared to Philip Morris International which releases a new device approximately every 18 months.

Hindle said the $6.79 billion in next-generation product revenue by 2025 “is certainly achievable.”

“However, given the rate of market growth and the PMI, our experts do not see BAT closing the gap with the PMI in this time frame, and more as a result, falling even further behind.

“PMI’s NGP division has already reached a state of profitability, with the group ahead in terms of regional roll-out and a stronger go-to-market strategy.”

Hindle said BAT’s glo Hyper “is still considered inferior to PMI’s IQOS in terms of flavors, sensory, taste and electronics”.

“BAT needs the next generation of glo to better compete with PMI, but long research and development cycles mean it won’t happen overnight.”

“BAT should additionally focus on penetrating the e-cigarette market in the United States, where growth potential remains high and Vuse remains the market leader.”

FDA funds and approves cigarettes – InsideSources https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/fda-funds-and-approves-cigarettes-insidesources/ Thu, 21 Jul 2022 00:23:55 +0000 https://buyingcigarettesonlinee.com/fda-funds-and-approves-cigarettes-insidesources/

With the way the news moves these days, it’s easy to miss the drama unfolding in the world of tobacco. During that year, the Food and Drug Administration announced a plan to reduce the nicotine content of all cigarettes, outright ban all menthol cigarettes, and denied a request by JUUL to sell its products, just for turn around and suspend that ban as the company appealed the decision. However, all of this is overshadowed by the fact that US health agencies funded research trials for two very low nicotine (VLN) cigarette products – one of which is a menthol – which were later given the FDA approval as reduced risk products. .

It is amazing that the FDA and other agencies have spent 100 million US taxpayer dollars to develop evidence on the safety and efficacy of combustible cigarettes. Worse, these agencies then used this insufficient evidence to justify their approval as low-risk products, imposing labels with the marketing claim “Helps you smoke less” on cigarette packages.

This is the wrong way to achieve a smoke-free USA.

But the FDA doesn’t seem concerned. Instead, it seems to be shrouded in wishful thinking that individuals will quit smoking after using VLN cigarettes because the reduced nicotine will lessen their addiction. In fact, NLVs are likely to exacerbate misperceptions of risk among consumers. Nicotine isn’t the biggest problem; it is the burning of tobacco that is most harmful to health. In other words, the FDA approves the combustible cigarettes it helped develop while rejecting over 99% of the vape products from the market that it did not.

Coupled with efforts to reduce the nicotine content of all cigarettes, this amounts to a full-scale ban, as most brands would be pulled from the market for non-compliance. But the FDA-approved VLN brands would remain. The type of political maneuvering and dealing indicates anti-competitive behavior, with the government trying to pick winners and losers.

History has shown us time and time again that prohibition never works – whether it’s for alcohol, opioids, or flavored vapes. Additionally, FDA-funded research to understand the acceptance of VLNs has shown that immediate reductions in nicotine lead to greater withdrawal symptoms and an increased likelihood that smokers will seek out alternative sources.

Since the release of the first commercially successful e-cigarettes, they have evolved and grown dramatically. In 2014, the British Medical Journal documented around 460 different brands of e-cigarettes that delivered nicotine without the harmful effects of smoking. Researchers have confirmed that e-cigarettes exist on a continuum of risk, comparing them to nicotine patches used to quit smoking. Because e-cigarettes mimic the rituals of smoking, they have proven to be handy quit smoking tools for adult smokers. Even the Centers for Disease Control states that “more frequent e-cigarette use is associated with greater smoking cessation than less frequent use.” A reasonable approach to reducing adult smoking would be to increase the availability of these products.

The FDA would do well to recognize this evidence to achieve a smoke-free United States. He could start by updating the national tobacco control strategy — the one that was released more than a decade ago that doesn’t even mention vaping. It is also expected to update the FDA’s comprehensive tobacco and nicotine regulatory plan. Created in 2017, it includes a hodgepodge of strategies to reduce youth use, address racial justice and eliminate smoking. Yet, like the National Tobacco Control Strategy, it does not consider e-cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking. The FDA could also learn a bit from the comprehensive, evidence-based tobacco control strategies of other countries like the UK or New Zealand, which have codified what a smoke-free society means for their populations.

It is important to remember that no tobacco product is safe. Those who smoke cigarettes are encouraged to use alternatives such as reduced-risk nicotine products (like e-cigarettes) as they have become essential in helping adult smokers move away from deadly fuels. Banning vapes while increasing the number of reduced-fuel nicotine cigarettes is as counterproductive as it is political. It’s not necessary.