Chaiwut calls for an end to the ban on e-cigarettes

Banning imports and sales would only push e-cigarettes into the black market, he said. He thought allowing the legal sale of e-cigarettes would bring Thailand more tax revenue.

The minister said vaping is widely accepted as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes, adding that more than 70 countries allow the use of e-cigarettes.

He also described vaping as a “safer option” for those unable to quit smoking.

Citing data from the National Bureau of Statistics, he said Thailand had more than 10 million smokers in 2021 and 52% of them said they were not thinking about quitting.

“These people should get unbiased information about e-cigarettes that they can use to make decisions about smoking. More importantly, young people need to be informed that these products are not for them,” he said. he declares.

Chaiwut said the National Tobacco Control Council took a “wrong resolution” because it did not take into account the opinions of stakeholders, as well as academic data.

“A complete ban on electronic cigarettes is not the best solution for the country in the current social context,” he said.

There hasn’t been long-term research on the health effects of e-cigarettes, but early data shows the chemicals they emit can cause lung and heart disease, according to health experts.

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