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Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) officers discovered 796 cartridges and 905 unpaid packets of cigarettes concealed under the roof of a Malaysian-registered truck on September 10, 2021.

Blow-by-blow revelation

According to the post on the ICA Facebook page on September 14, ICA officers at Woodlands Checkpoint first noticed that something was wrong when reviewing the x-ray images of the truck.

Via ICA Facebook

They then directed the truck for further checks.

An accompanying video showed four CIA officers standing on the roof of the vehicle, while one of them forced his way through the roof of the truck with a hammer.

Via ICA Facebook

They then discovered nearly 800 cartridges and around 900 unpaid packets of cigarettes that were being smuggled into Singapore.

Via ICA Facebook

Via ICA Facebook

Via ICA Facebook

Further investigations

The ICA said the concealment method was a “source of concern” as similar methods can also be used by terrorists to smuggle security items into Singapore.

Via ICA Facebook

Cartons of unpaid cigarettes. Via ICA Facebook

He wrote :

“Protecting Singapore’s borders remains ICA’s top priority. The ICA will continue to carry out security checks to detect and deter smuggling attempts, in order to keep Singapore safe.

The ICA added that it had referred the matter to Singapore Customs for further investigation.

Many netizens praised the officers for a job well done, while some called for safer tools to be used for officers in future busts.

Via ICA Facebook

Via ICA Facebook

The video has since garnered over 1,100 likes and over 59,000 views on Facebook.

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