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Unfortunately, the CCSA (and the WHO) ignores the large body of evidence regarding tobacco harm reduction products. Instead, they steadfastly refuse to allow tobacco companies to offer safer alternatives to smoking.

Regularly, CCSA members meet at a Convention of the Parties to “review the implementation of the Convention and any other legal instrument adopted by the COP”. Since 2008, the organization has consistently pushed its members to “ban or restrict” alternatives to smoking such as vaping.

‘Scented camouflage’

By 2019, any hope that the FCTC would even recognize the role of tobacco harm reduction products (including e-cigarettes, heated, smokeless tobacco products, and snus) as a way for smokers to quit smoking. smoking was essentially smothered. In September 2019, the director of the congress secretariat, Dr. Vera Luiza da Costa e Silva, exploded electronic cigarettes, calling vaping a “treacherous and flavored cover-up of a health disaster”.

But the UK may be preparing to push back. In a March 2021 report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vaping, the group reported that at the upcoming FCTC / COP9, the UK is in a unique position to “champion its … national tobacco harm reduction policies” . During previous COPs, the British delegation was “required to comply with the consensus within the European Union, after Brexit”.

At FCTC / COP9, the delegation is allowed to defend its national regulation of electronic cigarettes and tobacco risk reduction products, but also to emerge “on the world stage as a leader in pragmatic and effective health regulation. “.

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