Eight Innovations Changing the Vaping and Tobacco Landscape in 2022 | Analysis and features

1 Account Vape Vending Machine

Release date: February 2022 Maker: 1account

A decade after cigarette vending machines were banned in the UK, 1account is testing a vape vending machine. The first machine has arrived at Ecigwizard’s specialist branch in Leicester as part of a one-year trial, with a further set to be rolled out this spring at ‘a name-brand grocery retailer’. Age verification is handled on an app.


Totally Wicked Disposable Vape Pen

Release date: December 2022 Maker: totally wicked

With the share of disposable users set to double this year, Totally Wicked has launched its own disposable vape pen (rsp: £4.99). Released in forecourts and Asda stores nationwide, the device is already proving “incredibly popular”, according to the company. “The ultimate in convenience and simplicity, the DVP is ideal for smokers looking to take the first step into vaping,” he adds. Available in eight flavors, the same liquids can also be found in refills for open system devices.


Disposable Qbar from Riot Labs

Release date: January 2022 Maker: Riot Labs

Riot Labs got into disposables with the “world’s first carbon-negative disposable device”. Made with three main recyclable elements, the launch is supported by Riot recycling bins at specialty stores. “Everywhere you look, companies are making efforts to be greener, but it’s not happening fast enough in the vape industry,” Riot says.

RELX Basic Essential

Relx Starter Kit

Release date: March 2022 Maker: Relaxation

After selling disposables for a while, Relx is launching a complete quit smoking starter kit (rsp: £8.99). This includes a pre-charged, “ultra-sleek and easy-to-use” closed-loop vape, USB-C charging cable, long battery life, and flavored pods. “We see the trend towards simplistic systems gaining popularity,” says the brand.

Mint Extra Strong with pouch

Nordic spirit spearmint

Release date: October 2021 Maker: ITC

Spearmint is the latest flavor in the Nordic Spirit range of nicotine pouches, available in Regular, Strong and Extra Strong varieties. The tobacco-free pouches are made from a soft white material derived from plant fibers and a gum base (rsp: £6.50/20). Under the upper or lower lip, the brand emphasizes the wide variety of usage occasions, including long-haul flights. “The delicate flavors allow for a more subtle mint experience,” he adds.


Evo tobacco sticks

Release date: October 2021 Maker: ITC

JTI updated its Evo tobacco sticks last year with what it claimed was a milder real tobacco taste to appeal to a wider range of consumers. The sticks include fruit, menthol and robust tobacco flavors – colour-coded – to tap into different taste preferences for heated products (rsp: £4.50).

Image Pack - Muave Wave HEET Facing Right_High Res

Purple Heets

Release date: November 2021 Maker: GPA

Mauve is the latest variant in the Heets range of tobacco sticks designed for the Iqos heated tobacco system (rsp: £5/£20). The product promises a “crunchy menthol tobacco blend with a taste of dark forest fruits”. PMI hopes to meet the needs of shoppers who missed menthol flavored cigarettes following the EU ban.


Sterling Essential 50g

Release date: November 2021 Maker: ITC

Sterling has hit the market for more budget options with a 50g pack of its no-frills Essential Rolling Tobacco (rsp: £21.20) alongside a previous 30g launch. JTI claims that the product generates less leaf waste than its peers due to a unique leaf blend. Savings are also made with the absence of papers and filters.

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