Electronic cigarettes, mattresses and lithium-ion batteries will soon be recyclable in British Columbia – Terrace Standard

Confused about what to do with old mattresses, electronic cigarettes, or an electric vehicle battery? Well, worry no longer, as these items will soon be eligible for province-wide recycling in British Columbia.

In a press release, the provincial government announced that these items, along with single-use fuel cans, fire extinguishers, solar panels, several types of lithium-ion batteries, and electric vehicle chargers will be eligible for recycling.

The province has said it will work with producers of these products to ensure they can be recycled, but acknowledged that the changes will need to be implemented gradually to give the industry time to put in place the recycling systems needed.

This is all part of the province’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) strategy that requires producers to take responsibility for the life cycle of their products, including collection and recycling. The province has regulated recycling under the EPR system since 2004. As part of the new five-year EPR plan, the province is seeking to regulate the recycling of more consumer goods to prevent them from ending up in landfills. .

“Increasing the number of recyclable products will mean convenient, free collection of these products and a cleaner environment for British Columbians,” said George Heyman, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Strategy . “The addition to the list of products will reduce the waste that is now sent to the landfill or dumped illegally in alleys or green spaces. This will protect our environment and boost our economy through increased recycling and re-manufacturing operations. “

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