First-graders caught smoking electronic cigarettes at Southwestern school

A group of first graders at a school in southwest England were caught smoking an electronic cigarette after it was allegedly brought in by an older student.

The young pupils were sent home on Wednesday after being arrested by staff at Brockworth Primary Academy in Gloucestershire.

Staff organized medical checks on some of the young students after the disturbing incident last week, GloucestershireLive Reports.

Parents and guardians have all been made aware of the incident, which occurred on the morning of Wednesday, May 12.

The use of electronic cigarettes is dangerous for children because most of them contain nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and can interfere with adolescent brain development, which continues into their early to mid-twenties.

Electronic cigarettes can also contain other harmful substances in addition to nicotine.

The use of electronic cigarettes can also increase the risk of other types of addiction in adulthood and lead to smoking tobacco.

According to a parent at the school, the e-cigarette was brought in by an older student, GloucestershireLive reported at the time.

Further investigation was launched to find out how the article was introduced.

A spokesperson for Brockworth Primary said: “We have written to all parents to let them know that yesterday an electronic cigarette was brought to school from home without the parents’ knowledge.

“As a precaution, medical checks have been organized for the small number of children involved, and all children are safe and healthy.

“We are investigating further into how this happened and will be holding a series of sessions with the kids over the next few weeks to protect themselves and make the right choices when they are with their friends.

Electronic cigarettes to the detriment of children

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