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“Tag another one for the FDA. The comedy continues.

Graphic warning labels, designed to cover the top half of the front and back of cigarette packages, have been under threat since at least 2009.

A brief history of warning labels reads as follows:

The government fired the first shot in 1964 with the historic Surgeon General’s report which announced that cigarettes were bad, very bad indeed for those who would like to breathe unaided or avoid premature and horrific deaths.

A year later, in 1965, Congress passed legislation requiring the first labels to warn of the health risks of smoking.

To say the least, the Surgeon General’s report created a firestorm – especially in towns like this where thousands of people relied on Big Tobacco for paychecks that enabled a comfortable lifestyle for the middle class. .

(Full disclosure: Family death toll includes two grandfathers with lung cancer and a father, a loyal employee of Lorillard Tobacco Co., who suffered from throat cancer at age 58 All were two and three pack men a day.)

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Now, however, the news on warning labels barely rates a raised eyebrow.

The government, through an act of Congress called the Tobacco Control Act of 2009, began requiring full-color graphic labels showing items such as smoke billowing from a tracheal hole or a corpse on the packaging.

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