HART: Biden and Carter: Two peanuts in the same shell game

Gas prices and inflation are skyrocketing, there are problems in Iran, crime is on the rise and we have commodity shortages, “economic malaise”, problems at the border and lines at stations. -service. Wow, this visit between Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter is starting to make sense. And, if you can believe it, music today is even worse than disco.

Things turn out so badly that even Jimmy Carter begins to compare Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. Geico is expected to run ads that say, “You can save 25% going back to Trump.”

Asked at the border by Fox News reporters why they come here, the illegals say they want to “escape socialism” in countries ruled by despots like Venezuela. Obviously, frontier workers are not following US policy.

To the kids there, Jimmy Carter was a kind, old-fashioned Democrat who became president after a villain was president. Then people realized they had made a mistake. Right now I’d be happy to swap a few average tweets for $ 1.95 a gallon of gas and lower taxes. And Trump has remained silent. Personally, I am starting to believe that he will not publish his tax returns.

Trump had good policies but his brash personality was about people. Still, it was a refreshing change. Trump was like married to a nymphomaniac: fun for about a month.

Jimmy Carter was a pious Baptist; he did not chase women away and did not drink. In fact, he was less president and more narc. And he taught Trump something. You can be president for just one term, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to be a pain in your butt when you’re not in office.

The economy exploded under Clinton and Trump. This was not the case under Carter and Obama. The economics lesson is clear to those who pay attention: marital fidelity is not good for business.

Like Biden, Carter opposed the bus and voted strongly with Southern Democrats to obstruct civil rights. And also like Biden, Carter now lectures us on race and calls us “racists.” Nothing better than two old men from the slave states who teach us how to treat black people.

Like Carter, Biden wants to raise taxes that will hurt the economy. Tax increases are where the supposed “government of the people and by the people” sticks to the people to support their own great government.

Biden and Carter both believed they could regulate citizen behavior through the dictates of an authoritarian central government in DC Carter lowered speed limits on freeways to 55 mph as he flew in jets and drove in limousines. Biden wants to ban menthol cigarettes. Wasn’t that the guy Obama was smoking?

Carter thought he could tell Americans to turn down their heat and put on a sweater. Biden tells everyone to wear a mask – unless you’re already completely brainwashed from the left and / or supporting a 50% tax hike.

Jimmy Carter had a parent who was a PR thorn in his side, his brother Billy. Biden has his son, Hunter, who appeared on television late at night and admitted that if he didn’t run with the bitches, do cocaine and party all night, he would be installed with a woman , a mortgage and a group of children. . So, I guess every decision has its benefits.

Like Jimmy Carter, Biden is old and lives well. Longtime politician Biden rides his bike, swims naked, and watches what he eats. He takes care of himself, as evidenced by his personal net worth.

Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer. Biden has over a trillion dollar “infrastructure bill” containing peanuts for real infrastructure. Some want to compare Biden’s proposed spending on “infrastructure” to FDR’s spending during the Depression. I don’t buy it. The only thing FDR and Biden have in common is their inability to climb stairs.

I like the comment Carter made on Meet the Depressed with Chuck Todd. He says he doesn’t send emails because the NSA sees them. I like his libertarian bent, but that’s also probably because he can’t run a Plains, GA computer.

Biden and Carter really felt that the government had the answers to all of our problems. They could tell us what to do, how to live and what to eat. I have a buddy who drinks, eats a cheeseburger a day, supports Republicans, and drives a Hummer. I feel like maybe I am supposed to report it to the government.

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