Horror as five-year-old Geelong boy hospitalized after finding vape at school

A five-year-old boy has been rushed to hospital after using a friend’s mother’s vape in a horrific incident at a regional school in Victoria.

The father of a five-year-old boy has spoken out in horror after his son was hospitalized for vaping at school.

He was rushed to Geelong Hospital after taking several beatings before suffering from vomiting and coughing.

The electronic cigarette allegedly belonged to the mother of a seven-year-old student.

The vape was empty at the end of the school day.

Three weeks later, the prep student is still suffering from health issues and is waiting to be told if he has pneumonia.

Worried dad Steven said the youngster has been struggling to breathe and throwing up since the incident.

“The innocence about it is so dangerous. His friend brought it to school and told him to suck it because it tastes like grapes,’ he told the Herald Sun.

“The vape was empty by the time we picked them up from school.”

The horror episode comes months after it was revealed that school-aged children are being exposed to an increasing number of vaping and e-cigarette videos on TikTok.

Researchers from the University of Queensland analyzed more than 800 videos showcasing the practice of modern smoking.

In addition to being viewed over 1.1 billion times, 63% viewed vaping and e-cigarettes in a positive light.

Lead author and doctoral student Tianze Sun said there has been a massive increase in the number of young people using vapes and e-cigarettes in recent years.

“Part of this could be due to exposure from friends and influencers on social media,” she said.

The #vape hashtag has had over five billion views on TikTok alone.

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