“It’s so disgusting”: Peterborough woman kicks litter’s “ass” one cigarette at a time

“It’s so disgusting to walk around and see cigarette butts everywhere,” says Donna Reid,

a woman from Peterborough kicking the butt of the litter one cigarette at a time.

“Cigarette butts are the most widely used waste in the world. “

Ever since she discovered that cigarette waste can be recycled a few years ago, Reid has made it her mission to clean the streets and make it known that there is a better way to dispose of cigarette butts.

“I just thought it was kind of like a no-brainer, if you can recycle them, why don’t you? ” She adds.

TerraCycle’s Smokeless Cigarette Recycling Program offers Reid a free and easy way to collect cigarette butts and packaging, except the cardboard box, for recycling. The waste is separated by composition and melted into hard plastic which can be remolded to make recycled industrial products, while the tobacco and ash are composted through a specialized process. The added bonus is that TerraCyle donates $ 1 out of every pound of cigarette waste shipped to Reid’s charity of choice. At the end of October, Reid plans to ship his annual transport and hopes to donate at least $ 500 to Peterborough streetvoice.

Reid has been collecting cigarette waste for several years, sending in just under 200 and 300 pounds respectively the last two. With help from the community, Reid says she’s confident her numbers, and therefore the money she can donate to charity, can continue to grow.

“I don’t promote smoking, I don’t smoke,” says Reid.

“I just thought to myself, wouldn’t that be a great way to raise awareness and help the environment and the community and just give back?”

Although Reid will send out the collected waste early next month, she says she plans to continue her clean-up efforts and encourages anyone interested to contact her at any time to arrange for the pickup or drop-off of the closed containers or bags from the waste.

“It’s not difficult, if people are smokers, they literally throw their butt or ashtray in a bag and put it down.”

Connect with Reid by visiting the Butt 1 community on Facebook or Instagram or by emailing [email protected]

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