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A day after his arrest for causing a ruckus at a five-star hotel in the city, police in Bengaluru arrested hacker Sri Krishna on Monday for drug use. Sri Krishna is also the main defendant in the cryptocurrency case, in which the opposition alleged the involvement of some BJP leaders.

A senior police officer familiar with developments said that since the opposition brought allegations against BJP leaders, there was pressure on the police. Even though he was arrested for drug use, he was questioned by senior police officers, including Central Crime Branch officers investigating the Bitcoin theft case.

The officer said Sri Krishna had been living in Domlur’s hotel for over a month. On Saturday, a person by the name of Vishnu Bhat came to the hotel and tried to get to Sri Krishna’s room without providing details to the security guards. When hotel staff attempted to arrest him, there was an altercation and the police were called.

After detaining Sri Krishna and Bhat, the police performed a blood test on each of them and found that they had used marijuana. Based on this medical test, both were booked under the Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. Police claimed that they searched the police searched Sri Krishna’s room and Bhat’s house and recovered 10 cigarettes containing marijuana. The two men are currently in police custody.

Sri Krishna was arrested on November 8 after police arrested drug traffickers to whom he allegedly sold drugs bought on the dark web. Sri Krishna graduated in Computer Science from Amsterdam College in the Netherlands in 2017 and has a good knowledge of computers and the Internet. A senior police officer said Sri Krishna would encrypt the data and demand payment from the owners for the site to be unlocked by attacking online sites.

During his arrest, the police claimed to have seized ??9 crore of Bitcoins from him. However, when the indictment filed against him in connection with the hacking case made no mention of the bitcoins recovered from him. Likewise, Hemanth Mudappa, who was named in the initial police complaint for his involvement in the case, found no mention in the indictment.

Apart from this, the police are accused of failing to inform central agencies of Sri Krishna’s involvement in the infamous Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange hack in 2016. The Bitfinex hack alerted international authorities because 1 , 19 lakh of bitcoins were stolen in 2016 and it is considered one of the biggest. crypto exchange hacking so far.

“The police were aware of this in 2020 following his interrogation, but the police department shared this information with central agencies in April 2021. Even the details mentioned in the indictment make it clear that investigators were aware of his involvement, but informed the CBI. about it only after a push came from the central agencies. So there is pressure on investigators, especially the CCB on this, ”said the senior officer.

It was an ED investigation into an 11 month old case in Bengaluru involving cryptocurrency hacker Sri Krishna aka Sriki which snowballed into a political controversy with the opposition accusing the ruling BJP of a cover-up last week. Opposition leader Siddaramaiah told media that two influential politicians were involved and that there had been an attempt to cover up their role in the affair.

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