N. Carolina AG files legal action for child-friendly electronic cigarettes

RALEIGH, NC (AP) – North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced on Tuesday that he is suing the founders of an e-cigarette maker over fears their product could be marketed to children through flavors suitable for children and poor age verification.

Stein announced at a press conference that he was suing Juul founders James Monsees and Adam Bowen. He also said he was launching a statewide investigation into several manufacturers, distributors and retailers of e-cigarettes.

“All companies and individuals involved in the manufacture, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes in North Carolina should hear this message loud and clear,” said Stein. “If you make North Carolina teens addicted to nicotine, there will be consequences. “

In June, Juul Labs Inc. was due to pay North Carolina $ 40 million and take more action to prevent the use and sales of minors under a deal with the state. Stein had previously sued Juul, accusing him of using unfair and deceptive practices targeting young people to use his vaping products, which deliver addictive nicotine. The trial was due to be heard in July.

A spokesperson for Juul made no immediate comment on the latest trial.

Stein has also targeted another e-cigarette company that he says sells kid-friendly flavors such as chocolate milk and strawberry donut. He also said his investigation would include statewide retailers located near colleges and high schools that sell e-cigarettes, three vending machines and an online vendor.

The attorney general said he would urge Robert Califf, appointed Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration by President Joe Biden, to create industry-wide national regulations on flavored e-cigarettes.

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