Nurse charged with mistreating dementia patient found not guilty

A nurse accused of mistreating a patient with dementia at Llandough hospital has been found not guilty.

Matthew Carpenter, 52, was accused by two colleagues of mistreating the alleged victim while she was hospitalized in hospital on June 2, 2019.

The defendant denied the offenses and told Cardiff Crown Court that his accusers Kylie White and Ryan Scarlett “fabricated” the allegations after threatening to report them to a supervisor while taking a cigarette break without permission.

A jury returned Thursday of not guilty on two counts of mistreating a patient, following a trial.

Summing up the case the same day, Judge David Wynn Morgan reminded the jury of Mr. Carpenter’s testimony.

The accused, from Pen y Bryn Way, Gabalfa, Cardiff, said he needed help after Ms Rhodes rummaged through the clothes of other patients who had been dropped off by family members and became aggressive when he took them off her and started hitting him.

According to Judge Morgan’s summary, Mr Carpenter said: “Kylie White and Ryan Scarlett came out of the staff room and smelled of cigarettes and said they had been on a smoke break. I said they should only leave the premises one at a time.

Ryan Scarlett said, ‘It’s our break, we’ll go when we want. “I said I was the nurse in charge and by leaving the ward they were putting patient safety at risk. I was bored with them and was going to raise this smoking issue with my supervisor. “

Ms Rhodes then attempted to grab a file that Mr Carpenter had left at the nurses station and tried to prevent her from entering the nurses’ office, but her colleagues got up and watched without helping her.

He then took Ms. Rhodes to give him medicine and said that Mr. Scarlett had made a comment that he had “stung” everyone that morning.

The defendant added: “I told him to say it in front of the patient.

“I told Kylie White and Ryan Scarlett they weren’t leaving the room. Their behavior had been shameful and I was going to voice my concerns. I told Kylie White to keep a close eye on Mr. Rhodes. Kylie White looked at me and Ryan Scarlett went to the bathroom. “

In her closing remarks to the jury, Mr Carpenter’s lawyer, Lucy Crowther, said Ms White and Mr Scarlett’s accounts of the alleged abuse were inconsistent and untrue.

She added: “The defense says it’s pretty straightforward. These two adapted their accounts to transform something that had happened to them because they knew full well that the people who hadn’t done their jobs that day were them and they had to be reported.

“Years later we are and things have snowballed to the point where there is a criminal trial and (lying) can be seen as a bad thing to do, but it would be wrong to say people say the truth all the time. “

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