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Over 800 illegal e-cigarettes have been seized from a Gold Coast tobacco retailer.

The Gold Coast Public Health Unit has launched an investigation into the company following a complaint from a concerned member of the community.

Samples of the vapes seized were submitted for analysis and all were found to contain nicotine, which is illegal unless supplied by a pharmacist on prescription or obtained through an approved process from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.


Gold Coast Public Health Unit director Sharon Jurd said the use of vaping products among young people was a growing concern.

“We are extremely concerned about the increasing and unacceptable levels of e-cigarette use among young people, including schoolchildren,” Jurd said.

“The flavors (such as watermelon, grape, bubblegum, and mint) along with the bright packaging make the vapes appealing to young people. The tobacco and vaping industry targets nicotine e-cigarettes among young people, even though they know they are harmful and most are addictive.

“The healthiest option is not to vape or smoke.

“Testing has revealed that many vapes labeled ‘nicotine-free’ actually contain nicotine, further adding to the deception surrounding these products.”

Environmental Health Officers in the Gold Coast Public Health Unit are responsible for monitoring and enforcing the requirements of various public health laws throughout the Gold Coast.

Officers have seized more than 5,700 vapes this year from outlets across the city.

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