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PACIFIC Cigarette Company (PCC), formerly Savannah Tobacco Company, relaunched its Pegasus and Branson brands on Friday as part of a $ 9.5 million investment program to strengthen its dominance in local and international markets.

PCC, the country’s fastest growing cigarette maker, said the relaunch of the two flagship brands, introduced in 2008, was aimed at repositioning the company’s brands and increasing its market share.

According to PCC, Pegasus and Branson are high quality export brands that are expected to expand the product offering to local customers, being alternatives to the already existing Pacific cigarette brands in Zimbabwe.

The brand repositioning will see the unveiling of Branson Flame, Toast and Mint in the market while Pegasus will be introduced to the market with the toasted flavor as well as the Chinese blend.

Speaking at the launch event, Managing Director Mr. Itayi Watinaye said the re-introduction of the Pegasus “Hong Ma” brand was intended to respond to the Chinese market in the region and beyond, thus increasing the visibility of the company’s brand in the process.

“Pegasus and Branson have always been part of our brand portfolio, reaching out to select markets and delivering world-class quality and flavor at affordable prices. By expanding our offer, we will offer more choice to these demanding customers, at unbeatable prices.

“We have a decent market share of toast, Pacific Storm and other value-for-money brands, but Hong Ma has proven to be a cigarette of choice for the Chinese because of its distinct Chinese flavor.” , said Watinaye.

He said the relaunch was aimed at reconnecting and capturing customers so that they have a broad portfolio of cigarettes and a quality to choose from for their cigarettes.

He added that his company would soon launch the minty flavor on the Branson line later this year in April.

Pacific Cigarette Company, which manufactures various brands such as Pacific Storm and Pacific Breeze as well as Remington Gold, was established in 2002 as Savanna Cigarettes.

In 2018, the company partnered with China Tobacco Shaanxi Industrial Corporation (CTSIC), a subsidiary of the Chinese National Tobacco Company, with the intention of improving their penetration into the global market.

The company has since dominated the local cigarette industry, also entering the regional market with operations in South Africa, Zambia and a distribution footprint across the region.

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