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Updated on Saturday July 17, 2021, 11:19 by Denis Chabrol

Police say they are looking for three men who allegedly robbed a businesswoman at her Rockstone Junction, Region 10 store of more than GYD $ 400,000 in jewelry, cell phones and other items.

The theft took place around 10 p.m. last night by men who were riding XR motorcycles without license plates.

The 57-year-old businesswoman told police that one of the identifiable men was armed with a handgun.

On the date and time mentioned, the victim was in his store with his grandson when the suspects drove to his store with two XR motorcycles without license plates.

The businesswoman says that one of the suspects, whom she knows, bought water, cigarettes and drinks and went to his accomplices. His grandson says that one of the men he knows from Kuru Kuru strangled him and put a gun to his head.

Investigators were also told that they took her to the store and told her not to make noise, and they told the businesswoman to lie down and she complied.

Police said the businesswoman and her grandson also allege that the bandits stripped her of her jewelry and went to the counter of the store where her silver bowl was with five cell phones placed in an area of ​​the city. counter for signal.

The victim says she set off an alarm and alerted a motorist who made efforts to apprehend the men, but this was unsuccessful as they set off with their motorcycles further down the track.

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