Protect children from tobacco, January 6 issue, go ahead and go

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Protect children from tobacco

My life has been primarily working with children, either as a childcare provider, certified passenger child safety technician, a member of the City of Augusta school board, or a volunteer at my children’s schools. . I love to see children learn and thrive in different ways and become respectful citizens in their schools and communities.

Watching them grow up healthy and safe is important. On the issue of flavored tobacco products, it’s about protecting all children. According to Campaign for tobacco-free children, 81 percent of young people who have ever used tobacco products started with a flavored product, more than 70 percent of young smokers have used a flavored tobacco product in the past month, two-thirds of young smokers report using tobacco products “because they have flavors that I like”, and about half of all high school smokers use menthol cigarettes.

The message is clear: flavored tobacco products are designed for children and are dangerous for them. They can also be the very beginning of a lifelong addiction. The health and well-being of Maine’s children is at stake.

Staci Fortunato


January 6 question

I have a question that requires an answer. When it comes to a bipartisan commission tasked with investigating the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill, why do Republicans seem to want to gloss over as if it never happened, saying we move away, looking forward to, etc. when it comes to that? Yet seven months after the presidential election, they’re still doing silly audits to try and come up with a different result?

Cyber ​​Ninjas? Leave me alone! Can someone answer for me? Why do they want to keep the “big lie” from seven months ago while wanting to forget January 6? Anybody?

Pat dempsey


Get up and walk forward

Many years ago, when I was young in Chicago, I joined the United States Marine Corps with the idea of ​​serving my country. Initially, I wanted to keep my brother out of the draft (which completed in 1973). In addition, I wanted to have a career in the military. The Marine Corps matched my ideas for serving God and the country, the Corps and my unit.

My heart was in the spirit of service because the Marine Corps was still all volunteer military service, which it has been ever since. November 10, 1776. I got up and stepped forward to serve. Unfortunately, my flat feet had other ideas and derailed my plans for the military. I received an honorable discharge from the Marines and returned to Chicago. I wondered how I was going to live a life of service to others.

However, a year later, I took another step forward. I was licensed to preach the gospel by my Baptist church when I was 19 years old. It started a life of service to God, America, my family and humanity.

It is not a boasting or a boasting, but an invitation to others. America is hurt and needs healing. America needs community through restoration, reconciliation and renewal. It is time for all Americans to stand up and move on. Search your heart and mind for your own individual gifts. After you have found your gifts, talents, skills, and abilities, find a place to rise up and step forward to serve. There are many opportunities to serve God, to contribute to society, and to feed those in need around us. America is hurt and needs healing. It is time for all Americans to stand up and move on.

James weathersby


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