Scattered train passengers desperately jump out of the window

Dressed in a Joker-style costume, a man from Japan stabbed 17 passengers on the train, apparently that’s the reason. A tragedy colored Halloween celebrations in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday night (10/31/2021). The passengers on the train are panicked after a man dressed in a fancy Joker costume brutally attacks. Considering it was Halloween celebrations, who would have thought the man who dressed like most people would commit such a brutal act. The 24-year-old injured at least 17 people as scores of people headed downtown for a Halloween party.

Scattered train passengers desperately jump out of the window

According to Hai-Online, the police arrested the alleged attacker at the scene. One of the victims in his 60s was unconscious and in critical condition after being stabbed. According to eyewitness accounts, the attacker had spilled gasoline around the train and started a fire. Seen in one of the videos on Twitter showing people fleeing train carriages.

They looked desperate trying to get away from the attacker. Seconds later, a fire broke out in the car where the assailant was followed by smoke which began to spread. Another video shows panicked passengers rushing off the train. As the door did not open because the train made an emergency stop, the passenger climbed out of the window and jumped onto the platform.

Passengers who jumped from the train window to avoid the Joker costumed figure “I thought it was a Halloween stunt,” a witness told the Yomiuri newspaper, as he saw other passengers running frantically to his car. “Then I saw a man walking in that direction, slowly swinging a long knife. There was blood on the knife. Meanwhile, another video on Twitter shows a bespectacled man wearing a purple suit and shirt. bright green The costume is the exact costume worn by the fictional character Joker.

The man was seen sitting quietly on the empty train smoking a cigarette with his legs crossed and looking calm. According to local media, the suspect admitted to authorities that he “wanted to kill people to be sentenced to death”. The attack took place on the Keio Express Line to Shinjuku, the busiest station in the world, around 8 p.m. local time.


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