Secrets behind the scenes of Trisha Goddard’s show – free cigarettes for wild parties

Chat show host Trisha Goddard became one of the country’s most admired TV presenters when she first appeared on screens to present her eponymous chat show on ITV in 1998.

Setting the world straight with her gripping and sometimes controversial subjects, Trisha captivated viewers while doing her best to help those in need who might be struggling with their relationships.

Following the format of American productions like Maury and The Jerry Springer Show, the program quickly became a hit with Brits eager to see guests hanging out their dirty laundry in public.

After an internal dispute with ITV, Trisha moved her program to Channel 5 in 2004 and renamed it Trisha Goddard before the program ended in 2010.

While there was a lot of on-screen drama, there was also a lot behind the scenes that many are unaware of.

Daily Star took a look at the behind-the-scenes secrets of the show.

Free cigarettes for lounge guests

Customers were entitled to free cigarettes

During the 1990s and early 2000s, smoking indoors was legal and common throughout the UK.

A number of Trisha’s guests who appeared on the show smoked, so the program would provide them with free packs of cigarettes to keep them calm and happy before they left on set.

Speaking to the Mirror about the show, an insider previously said guests would have an order once they arrived at the studios and a production manager would come to the stores to pick up whatever they asked for.

The insider explained, “Guests would all get free cigarettes to make them happy.

“Smoking inside was legal back then and they were all smoking in their locker rooms.

“Someone would be sent out early to take an order of cigarettes from everyone, then a courier would go to the corner store and buy packs of fags to take back to the studio for the guests.”

wild parties

Apparently some wild parties took place among the staff
Apparently some wild parties took place among the staff

According to another insider who previously worked on the series, parties and crazy parties also happened frequently.

Although the production was filmed at Anglia House, there was a pub in the studio complex and the production company often put money behind the bar for staff to enjoy on Friday nights.

On one occasion, a former member of staff described a Christmas party as “one of the most debauched nights I have ever seen”.

Although the festive party was held in a nursing home, a number of staff members took advantage of the frozen alcohol on offer.

Luckily, the site was full of ramps and grab bars, staff managed to use them to prevent them from falling.

Loose Women Connection

The program previously shared the same set as Loose Women
The program previously shared the same set as Loose Women

At the time, Trisha’s program was shot in the same studio as Loose Women, which was another Anglia Television production.

For this reason, the two television productions often shared a crew and a production team that worked on the two daytime shows.

Because the two programs were filmed on the same days, a quick turnaround was needed after the release of Loose Women to prepare to begin filming The Trisha Show.

Guests banned from meeting Trisha before the show

Guests were not allowed to speak to the host before the show aired
Guests were not allowed to speak to the host before the show aired

According to a program insider, guests who would appear on the popular daytime show were not allowed to meet or talk to Trisha before going on set.

All guests were given their own backstage box, after being transported to Norwich studios.

To ensure that the show was suspenseful and impactful, guests would be kept away from those they had to face on the show and the producers would visit them individually.

But while they were in their locker room, there was a rule that under no circumstances were they allowed to accidentally bump into host Trisha.

The program insider also told the Mirror that production runners would be standing outside their doors whenever Trisha walked through the studio – and that they would have to hold doorknobs to make sure guests didn’t walk around not in the hallway at the wrong time while the host was also present.

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