Sex Offender Named Pirate Reaches Plea Deal After Burning Disabled Woman With Cigarettes

POCATELLO – A sex offender named Pirate will no longer be sentenced to jail after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.

Pirate, who legally changed his name to Daniel Selovich, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and battery, according to court documents filed on November 8. keep him in custody longer if convicted.

Magistrate Judge Scott Axline is under no obligation to accept the plea agreement and if he does not, Pirate can withdraw the guilty plea and take the case to a jury.

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office learned of the Pirate’s existence on November 9, 2020, when a concerned family member requested a welfare check for a wife from Downey who was assaulted by Pirate. The disabled woman met him on a dating app and agreed to let him spend the night with her.

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The victim told investigators overnight that Pirate used a cigarette to leave multiple burn marks on his body and a large scratch on his back. A hacker also allegedly put his foot in the victim’s mouth, according to court documents.

The victim said she believed Pirate had recently been to Salt Lake City and, while visiting her, he made inquiries online to see if there were any warrants for his arrest. arrest in Utah. MPs called the Salt Lake City Police Department and learned on November 6, 2020 that Hacker had repeatedly assaulted a woman at a motel.

A Salt Lake Police report obtained by shows Pirate allegedly attacked an ex-girlfriend at the motel after being upset by their recent breakup. According to the victim in Salt Lake, Pirate head butted him several times, kicked him in the shins and knelt on his abdomen. The alleged attack sent the victim to hospital, but the woman refused to press charges.

The Idaho woman also said she did not want to press charges.

MPs delved into Pirate’s story and discovered that he was a registered sex offender. At that point, Downey’s wife called and said she wanted to press charges.

When the victim opened up to detectives, she said Pirate arrived at her home on November 7 and agreed to let him stay for a few days. When she and Pirate entered her room, he bit her lip and neck so hard that he made her cry.

“The pirate held it (mouth open) so he could ash his cigarette in his mouth,” according to probable cause. “(The victim) said he took pictures as she held the ash in her mouth.”

The attacks were not the first time Pirate has been accused of assaulting a woman.

In 2010, authorities arrested him for the 2004 rape of a woman in Redding, Calif., KRCR TV reported. Pirate pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to four years in prison.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that in 2004, Pirate broke into the Las Vegas motel room of a mentally and physically disabled woman. The victim said Pirate beat her with a belt while sexually assaulting her. Pirate was not charged in the case until his DNA came back as a match 12 years later.

He pleaded guilty to coercion of a sexual nature and a judge ordered him to serve up to five years in prison in 2018. For this crime, Pirate had to register as a sex offender.

Before his arrest in Las Vegas, Pirate allegedly committed crimes in Alaska. The Anchorage Daily News reported that in 2015, Pirate allegedly held a woman captive for five weeks in a remote Alaskan cabin and sexually assaulted her.

“The charges described horrific torture and assault,” according to the Anchorage Daily News. “Over the next five weeks, (the victim) was sexually assaulted daily, beaten, kicked, bitten, cut with a knife and taped up in Selovich at night, according to prosecutors. Authorities said Selovich used a rope to tie her neck to a rafter in the ceiling, keeping her captive during the day. He threatened to “cut off his face”, according to the charges. “

The victim managed to call for help and was rescued by helicopter. Before Pirate could be tried, the woman died and the case was dismissed in 2016. It was the DNA in this case that linked Pirate to the Las Vegas sexual assault.

As in the Las Vegas cases, authorities in Alaska declined to comment on the case.

After serving his sentence in Nevada, pirate sightings have surfaced in several locations, including Alaska, Nevada, Missouri, California and now Idaho, according to court documents.

Pirate has been held in Bannock County Jail since his arrest in November 2020. As part of the plea deal, following his conviction on January 4, Pirate will be released.

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