Standard supported at the Winter Show

The 27th Annual Otago A&P Association Winter Show opened yesterday in Brydone Hall, Crawford Street, and both in terms of comprehensiveness and appeal it fully lives up to any past exposure of the genre. , and in some important respects it represents an improvement over previous years. Within the four walls of the Brydone Hall is an aggregation of the province’s products that is representative of all branches of Otago’s primary industries, and the richness and diversity of display, within the confines of its confined space, is an eloquent testimony to the prosperity of the province and the high level of agriculture that reigns there. In the very large entries that are prominent in all the main classes, one can find proof of the growing measure of support that the show commands from the farming community at large, and the beautiful display undoubtedly offers proof among other things of the spirit of progressiveness that drives all members of society from the president (Mr. EC Hazlett) down. Although the exhibition in its general appearance differs little from past exhibitions, the same main interesting features are added along with others which are no less attractive. The great rows of butter and cheese, the beautiful displays of fruit and wool, the splendid samples of turnips, carrots, parsnips and potatoes, the mouth-watering array of good things included under the general heading of home industries ; it all becomes part of the show again, teaching city dwellers a lesson about their reliance on the country’s productivity, and providing farmers themselves with a standard of comparison that must prove to them the greatest value in their daily lives. . professions.

Electric light for Hokitika

The Gray River Argus reports that electric lighting in Hokitika will become permanent on the streets from tonight. The number of lamps will be almost double that of gas lamps currently installed, but lit indifferently. The change will be a big boon for city dwellers, especially those in the city suburbs, where street lighting has been so largely overlooked.

Smoking no vice indicator

Should a girl smoke? During a hearing in Auckland Criminal Court, a lawyer asked a female witness if she knew her niece smoked cigarettes. “It is all the rage for girls to smoke now,” said the witness. “Do you smoke?” asked the lawyer. “No, I am a married woman,” replied the lady, laughing. “Most 17- or 18-year-old girls smoke these days, it seems,” Judge Stringer observed from the bench. “When you walk into a trendy hotel, most of the girls smoke.” Later Dr. Horton testified. “Would you, doctor, take that as a sign of vice in a 17 year old girl? years old if she smokes? ” His Honor asked. “By no means,” replied the doctor. “I know a number of beautiful girls who smoke.”

– ODT of 1.6.1921.

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