Stores in Central Square sold flavored vape products to children, state police say; could face a $ 950,000 fine

Central Square, NY – Complaints about vape products have been filed in the Central Square school district.

Superintendent Thomas Colabufo overheard them at a forum, and then, on the first day of school this year, a school resources official retrieved a bag full of vapors.

Due to the complaints, New York State Police began investigating the Lake Smoke and Vape Shop and E-Shop three weeks ago, both located on South Main Street in Central Square. Both stores are just half a mile from Paul V. Moore High School.

During the past three weeks, soldiers have found the store selling vape products to children, at least one under the age of 15, and flavored vape products, state police said.

They searched them on Friday.

“Selling products like this with flavors to kids, getting them addicted at a young age, besides being a crime, is ethically terrible,” Colabufo said.

Central Square Village Police Chief Ed Carroll said he was in communication with the school’s resource manager, who also works in his department.

“He’s been advising me since day one of school about the rise of vape and vaping products in schools, and it’s illegal to begin with because you’re not allowed to have it all on the grounds of the. school and none of them are over 21 years old. “Carroll said, referring to the legal age for buying and owning traditional tobacco products as well as e-cigarettes and vaporizers in New York state.” It was becoming an issue. “

Police asked questions and developed information that helped them obtain search warrants.

During the raid on the two stores on Friday, police found more than 9,500 flavored vape products. In upstate New York, it is against state public health laws to sell flavored vaping products, and anyone can be fined up to $ 100.

This means that the two stores could pay around $ 950,000.

The raid began to unfold just after 11 a.m.

Two marked central plaza police cars pulled up outside E-shop at 670 S. Main St. in the village. Behind her, several unmarked cars carrying state soldiers, a United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent, officials from the Oswego County Department of Health, and officials from the Department of Taxation and Taxation. state finances have arrived.

The soldiers entered the two vape shops and left with two handcuffed employees. Outside, some soldiers set up folding tables where they counted the flavored vape cartridges.

State police declined to comment further on the number of children stores sold vape products to over the past week or how the stores operate.

After the raid, police questioned two men. One was charged. Galal Fawozi Abdo A. Murshed, 22, of Utica, has been accused of illegally treating a child.

Police say they took Murshed, an E-Shop employee, to the Central Square Village Police Department where he was charged and released on a traffic ticket. Murshed is due to respond to the charge at 2:30 p.m. on October 6 at the Central Square Village court.

The Central Square Police Chief said the investigation was not over.

“It’s still an ongoing investigation,” Carroll said.

Central Square Village Police, State Police and the DEA on Friday executed search warrants at the Lake Smoke and Vape Shop and the E-Shop Vape Shop in Central Square. Following the search warrants, police seized more than 9,500 individual packages of flavored vape. Galal Fawozi Abdo A. Murshed, 22, of Utica, has also been accused of illegally treating a child. The investigation is continuing. Photo by Chris Libonati | [email protected]

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