STPSO: Woman arrested for drug trafficking in prison, then investigator burned with cigarette

COVINGTON, Louisiana (WGNO) – The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office concludes a month-long investigation that resulted in the arrest of two people.

On Thursday, STPSO reported that Kayla Ann Leary, 33, had been arrested after allegedly smuggling drugs into the parish prison through the building’s mail room. Police also arrested Kevin Corr, 26, a jailhouse inmate, for conspiring to bring the drugs into the prison.

Leary and Corr have both been charged with smuggling into a prison facility and criminal association.

Investigative efforts began on August 11 when investigators intercepted suspicious packages from Leary to an unlisted inmate in the prison.

The investigation later revealed, through the phone follow-up, that Leary and Corr had conspired to send multiple packages to an unconscious inmate living in the same dorm as Corr – one of them containing illegal narcotics. However, once the packages arrived in jail, Corr would have been supposed to intercept the package that contained the drugs.

While searching for Leary in this incident, police were also looking for her for questioning in connection with a property crime. A post was posted on Facebook to locate Leary as a person of interest, but before police found her, she arrived at the 4th Arrondissement police station on Monday, September 13 for questioning.

However, things got worse when she learned of the arrest warrant for the drug trafficking incident. She asked if she could get anything from her car in the parking lot, which investigators have cleared.

Leary then attempted to jump into his vehicle and close the door on the investigator. She should have been forcibly taken out of her car, but was able to burn the investigator on the arm with a cigarette first.

While being transported to St. Tammany Parish Jail, Leary’s vehicle was searched following the arrest. Police found more than 300 syringes, some containing an unknown substance. They also found suspected marijuana and various other drug-related paraphernalia.

As a result of the events following her arrival at the station, Leary was also charged with resisting a police officer with force or violence, aggravated escape attempt, police battery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In a statement following the arrest, Sherrif Randy Smith said:

“If you try to bring any kind of illegal substance into the parish prison, you will be charged and prosecuted appropriately. We have a team of experienced and well-trained investigators, who work diligently daily to investigate crimes affecting the prison, and do a great job. Due to their excellent work, two people were charged and the drugs were excluded from prison. Whether this is a reminder, if you bring drugs, or try to bring drugs to jail, we will find you and you will be arrested. There is no reason for this and we will not tolerate it.


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