Taehyung smoking leaked reddit, Twitter video of Taehyung smoking e-cigarette goes viral

BTS: Jimin posts a video of Taehyung using electronic cigarettes. ARMY is split on whether it’s appropriate for singer “V” to smoke. There was controversy on Twitter after BTS singer Jimin used an e-cigarette to record his partner V for him.

In a December 25 post via the K-pop group’s official Twitter account, Kim Taehyung (V’s real name) can be seen lying down playing with his phone, holding an e-cigarette next to his head and talking. . by Jules.

A few minutes after its publication, the video was taken down due to the controversy surrounding the object.

The images sparked a heated debate on Twitter, both for and against.

Some members of the military pointed out that V, as a 24-year-old man (whose birthday is December 30), can do whatever he wants and must not hide his tastes, such as vaping.

“Seriously…those so-called fanatics have such a small mindset. Tae can do whatever he wants and live his life however he wants. He doesn’t promise everyone that he’s going to live a life that fulfills his wishes and fantasies. a follower wrote.

BTS: Some ARMY members are defending Taehyung with e-cigarettes. Capture tweets.

On the other hand, some fans of the Kpop star seem disappointed with his actions, worried about all the dangers of vaping.

“Juul has as much nicotine as a full pack of cigarettes. It stops ruining your voice. Taehyung told us not to sleep on drugs because he’s not healthy, but does he’s vaping here? He’s taking sides.”

BTS: ARMY members worry about Taehyung’s health when they use e-cigarettes. Capture tweets.

Other fans, concerned that the video was deleted minutes later, began to speculate that Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that manages BTS, would remove it to prevent it from ruining the image. of the idol, and there were also hypotheses. condemning Jimin. for filming V like this, and pointing out whether revealing his taste for vaping is his own decision.

Finally, ARMY is waiting for Big Hit to rule on the matter, while others wonder if it’s a juul or an electronic cigarette.

BTS: Some ARMY members reported and tried to get Taehyung addicted to vaping. Capture tweets.

BTS: What are electronic cigarettes?

As mentioned above, electronic cigarettes are products that contain nicotine in aerosol form, without fire or tobacco. If the person tries to substitute tobacco, there is a risk of addiction.

In particular, this producer can damage the bladder, heart and lungs. Therefore, BTS fans will be very worried about V’s new hobby.

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