Teen vaping addict on life support after ‘toxic chemical’ in e-cigarettes severely damaged lungs

A teenage American vaping addict has vowed to never repeat the habit again after a ‘toxic chemical’ in an e-cigarette left her hospitalized and in need of life support.

Juliet Roberts, 18, started vaping at just 14 when her classmates started using them and says she quickly got hooked, switching to a disposable e-cigarette every two weeks.

However, four and a half years of e-cigarette use took a toll on the teenager’s lungs as she was rushed to hospital on January 7, struggling to breathe.

According to Ms Roberts, X-ray images revealed that years of non-stop vaping had damaged her lungs, in addition to an adverse reaction to a “fake” disposable e-cigarette containing a “toxic chemical” resulting in pneumonia.

The teenager was blessed with a “miraculous” recovery after being placed on life support for five days by medics. In total, she spent 12 days in hospital, but back home now, Ms Roberts was told she was still at risk of a heart attack due to the pressure on her weakened lungs.

Julia Roberts, 18, was on life support for five days due to a ‘toxic chemical’ in an e-cigarette

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She is still supported with 24-hour oxygen and receiving twice-daily home nebulizer treatments with a long road to recovery remaining.

Ms Roberts, from Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, said: ‘Doctors told me if I hadn’t made it that night I would have lost my life. It was very scary.

“They told me I was dying, I’m so glad I went to the hospital when I did.”

After being admitted to the TriStar Spring Hill Emergency Department, Juliet was later transferred to TriStar Summit Medical Center the same day.

Juliet said: ‘When you do a chest x-ray it’s supposed to be black and the only white you’re supposed to see are your ribs.

“But my x-ray, you almost couldn’t even count some of my ribs because of how white they were.

“It was because of the damage from vaping and the pneumonia I contracted while vaping.

“They think maybe I got my hands on a disposable fake and had a bad reaction to some type of chemical in it and it just made my lungs crave. to stop working.

“They said obviously how consistent I was with vaping, it also makes the condition worse.”

Ms Roberts must remain on oxygen after being discharged from hospital

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Ms Roberts says doctors have warned her that due to lasting damage to her lungs, using a vape again could kill her. Due to the ordeal, she will be off work as a waitress for three to 12 months depending on when her lungs are strong enough to breathe without straining her heart.

The teenage girl’s life is now threatened by colds, as catching an illness could further strain her weak lungs. Her friends now have to take Covid tests before coming to visit her.

“Right now my lungs are working so hard that if I overexert myself I’m at risk of a heart attack – my heart rate goes to 150 when I go up the stairs, which is very dangerous,” Ms Roberts said.

Ms Roberts started vaping when she was just 14

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After her traumatic experience, the teenager, who vows never to vape again, now hopes to encourage others to quit, insisting that “it’s not worth it”.

Ms Roberts said: ‘I haven’t hit one since the day I went to hospital and I never plan on doing it again.

“The doctor told me it would end my life and this is all the information I need to quit for good.”

“I just want people to know that it’s really not worth it. I want people to know that it’s as dangerous as people say and it’s a lot more common than you think.

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