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Large forest fires are one of the of live in the Pacific Northwest during the summer months.

Wildland fires are dangerous, costly and have a serious impact on air quality. Our partner agencies at the firefighters do a good job of providing public information on burning restrictions and outdoor recreation to keep us all educated and safe. Despite theIn their best prevention efforts, firefighters are always called upon to extinguish man-made forest fires everywhere. the State.

Discarded cigarettes are a common cause of forest fires along the roads. Even if the discarded cigarette does not start a fire, throwing theI’m outside of the the car is still a crime under the Revised Statutes of Oregon (ORS). Here is a selection of Applicable laws regarding the disposal of cigarettes from a vehicle:

  • To throw of lighted matches, cigarettes and other materials are prohibited

ORS 476.715: “No one shall, at any time, throw lighted tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, matches or any other lighted material on a forest, a private road, a public road or a railway right. of way within that state. This crime is a Class B misdemeanor and applies year round.

ORS 164.805 § (a, c): “Throw or deposit any rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, debris or other waste on the Earth of another without permission of the owner, or on any public road or in or on any public transport facility ”or“ Allow garbage, rubbish, rubbish, debris or other waste to be thrown from a vehicle that the the person operates. This crime is a Class C misdemeanor and may apply to the person who threw the cigarette and the operating person the vehicle.

ORS 164.335: “A person commits the criminality of reckless burn if the person recklessly damages property of another by fire or explosion. This crime is a class A misdemeanor.

Although it is a criminal act, discarded cigarette butts are harmful to the natural beauty of our region. Discarded cigarettes can contain chemicals and carcinogens that are harmful to animals and the environment. By turning off and properly disposing of cigarette butts, you make yourself, the community, and the environment a favor!

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