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By Abdellatif Sharaa

Yes a madman receives an ember, he will not pick it up! If he’s been asked to touch it, he won’t! So what about him picking it up with his hand and placing it in her mouth, then dropping it into her stomach ?! A mad man won’t do that, so what about a sane person? Smokers do it! Smoking is a disgusting habit that we hope our siblings can fight and break free from this enslaving master.

I feel hurt and bad for days, and I can’t forget the scene when I notice a boy or girl who is barely 15 picking up a cancer stick and turning it on like a pro. It hurts because this kid can get stuck with it for years and years, and worst of all, being a minor, someone may have bought for them, but that’s another story for another time.

Smokers are reminded of the health dangers smoking can bring them and the manufacturers themselves are reminded, who place scary notes and pictures on the cigarette pack! The burden of costs for the smoker is not light. An example: The National Cancer Institute said the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $ 6.28, which means that one pack per day earns you $ 188 per month or $ 2,292 per year. Of course the prices vary from country to country, but the cost is important both on the pocket and on the well-being!

The tobacco industry now openly admits that its products pose a health hazard and claims that it is doing away with the traditional “cancer stick”, but of course it doesn’t stop there. They are already researching and manufacturing the so-called e-cigarettes, devices that deliver nicotine into the body. Yes, even the use of technology does not make devices safe!

A recent event held in the United States addressed the likelihood of vaping increasing smoking cessation and the top concerns about vaping among young people, among other topics. I felt that some of the speakers were concerned that vaping could lead to nicotine addiction in some young people – vaping by young people who have never smoked may encourage some to try smoking.

Electronic cigarettes contain various chemicals, including propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, in addition to flavors and chemicals. Personally, I think that the e-cig is not the alternative, especially since it attracts the younger generations. And while many experts say that nicotine, while addictive, does not pose significant health risks, there are concerns that it interferes with the maturation of the prefrontal cortex.

Health issues associated with long term e-cigarette use can include addiction, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, oral disease, developmental and reproductive effects, and of course cancer. In conclusion, regardless of the vehicle that delivers tobacco substances and products into the body, it is always harmful and unhealthy, and the reasonable ideal is to stop smoking cigarettes of all types and to shut down stick production lines!

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