Tobacco Bills State by State

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LAKEVILLE, Minn.— From banning flavored tobacco products to increasing the tax on cigarettes to requiring e-cigarette manufacturers to have a recycling plan for their products, there are many proposals to regulate the tobacco.

The state tobacco-related legislative bills that have been introduced this year to date are listed below in alphabetical order by state:

  • Arizona: Senate Bill 1245 requires a state license for the retail sale of tobacco administered by the Department of Alcohol Licensing and Control and prevents local jurisdictions from regulating sales of tobacco products, a few exceptions.
  • Colorado: House Bill 1064 prohibits the sale and distribution of all flavored cigarettes, tobacco products, and nicotine products. The ban also includes flavored synthetic nicotine products. HB1064 has been referred to the House Health and Insurance Committee.
  • Hawaii: Senate Bill 2037 prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco products.
  • Idaho: Senate Bill 1285 prohibits any locality from enacting ordinances regulating the marketing or sale of tobacco or vapor products and also prohibits localities from imposing additional taxes or fees on tobacco or vapor products. vapor products.
  • Maryland: House Bill 789 (applicable only in Prince George’s County) provides that an applicant for a license to sell cigarettes and other tobacco products must affirm that he does not hold a liquor license to act in as a retailer and the establishment from which cigarettes and other tobacco products are sold is not within 1 mile of another licensed establishment.
  • Mississippi: House Bill 892 taxes cigars, cheroots, stogies, snuff, chewing and smoking tobacco and all other tobacco products except cigarettes at the rate of 22.5% of the manufacturer’s list price . House Bill 1096 increases the tax on cigarettes by 50 cents per pack. Senate Bill 2729 prohibits the sale of unpackaged or bulk cigarettes and provides that the Commissioner of Revenue prohibit the sale of tobacco on physical premises where a violation of this section occurs.
  • Missouri: House Bill 2467 allows any political subdivision to raise tax on cigarettes and tobacco products subject to the approval of a majority of qualified voters. House Bill 2659 requires sellers of tobacco products, nicotine products, and vaping products to report additional information to the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.
  • New Jersey: Assembly Bill 2572 (identical to SB305) prohibits the sale of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices in pharmacies.
  • New Mexico: House Bill 33 increases cigarette tax by $2 per pack; increases the OTP tax (the tax on other tobacco products includes nicotine products, regardless of the source of the nicotine) to 77% of the value of the product; and increases tax on e-liquids to 77% of product value and increases tax on closed-system cartridges to $3.32 per cartridge. Senate Bill 39 increases cigarette tax by $1 per pack; increases the OTP tax (includes nicotine products regardless of nicotine source) to 60% of product value; increases tax on e-liquids to 60% of product value; and increases the tax on closed-system cartridges to $2.40 per cartridge.
  • New York: Assembly Bill 8884 requires e-cigarette manufacturers to submit plans for the collection, transportation, and recycling of e-cigarettes to the Environmental Conservation Commissioner. Requires manufacturers to accept the return of e-cigarettes for recycling; requires vaping product retailers to accept the return of used e-cigarettes for recycling.
  • Oklahoma: House Bill 3094 requires any retailer, distributor, or wholesaler who sells e-cigarettes to be licensed to sell those products with the ABLE Commission. This bill has been pre-filed for the 2022 session.
  • Virginia: House Bill 1199 addresses remote sellers regarding taxation and licensing.
  • Washington: House Bill 2039 prohibits the sale of vaping products containing nicotine salts and allows the Secretary of Health to restrict sales of flavored vaping products and limit the concentration of nicotine allowed in vaping products.
  • West Virginia: Senate Bill 426 increases the tax on cigarettes to $1.50 per pack and the tax on e-cigarette liquids to $0.0975 per milliliter.

Thomas A. Briant is the executive director of NATO, a tobacco retail association based in Lakeville, Minnesota. Contact him at [email protected]

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