United States: Oregon’s first county bans sale of flavored vaping products

Violators are liable to a Class A civil offense which could amount to a fine of up to $ 2,000 for individuals or $ 4,000 for corporations.

The County Commissioners Council voted in favor of Order 878 3 to 2, banning the retail sale of flavored nicotine products, including menthol cigarettes and flavored vaping products. “The Board heard compelling evidence that restricting access to flavored products results in fewer young people using tobacco and nicotine addictive substances as well as higher drop-out rates,” President Kathryn Harrington said in a statement. after the vote.

Under the new ordinance, violations are punishable by a Class A civil offense issued by a county code enforcement officer. This could amount to a fine of up to $ 2,000 for individuals or $ 4,000 for corporations. “Even though the vote was not unanimous, we clearly heard each Commissioner express their agreement that the use of tobacco substances is harmful and that marketing strategies that aggressively target anyone in our community, including especially young people and marginalized groups, are unacceptable, ”said Harrington.

“I am confident that this step forward, along with the rollout of statewide retail tobacco licensing requirements, will serve to protect the health of all residents of Washington County,” added President.

State-wide regulation

Earlier this year, the Oregon Senate approved House Bill 2261, a measure banning the online sale of vaping products. A previous article on Vaping Post by Michael McGrady, had explained that, naturally, this decision is important for vapers and vaping companies. Meanwhile, in 2020, a flavor ban proposed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown was lifted and an all nicotine retailer licensing program was proposed instead.

Oregon measure proposing tax on e-cigarettes up for vote

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