Unregistered vaping products are now illegal

The sale of any vaping or smokeless tobacco product that has not been registered is now illegal.

The six-month window is now closed for retailers, manufacturers and importers to register product content with the Health Advisory and Regulatory Platform.

This regulation came into effect on February 11 as the Smoke-Free Environments and Regulated Products Act implements new safety measures for vaping products.

It is estimated that over a quarter of a million people vape daily in New Zealand. This number includes many teenagers who have taken to the habit, although vaping is intended as a tool to quit smoking.

It’s no surprise, as walking into a vape shop is akin to walking into a futuristic candy store, with its minimalist walls sporting a seemingly endless array of rainbow colors, fun flavors and packaging. scintillating.

The law has a 15-month phase-in period that will run until January 2023, when all the regulations are in place.

Other measures already in place include:

  • Only specialty vaping retailers with the ability to sell flavored vaping products.

  • Retailers such as supermarkets, gas stations and dairies can only sell tobacco – menthol – or mint flavored vaping products, which limits the ease of access for these products.

  • R18 notices must be displayed at all points of sale.

  • Vaping and smoking in vehicles carrying children are prohibited.

The law aims to strike a balance between ensuring that vaping products are available to smokers who wish to switch to a less harmful alternative and ensuring that these products are not marketed or sold to young people.

The cigarettes, however, continue to be readily available at all of their regular retailers for anyone 18 and over.

Associate Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall said “new laws to come will mean that only smoked tobacco products containing very low levels of nicotine can be sold, with a significant reduction in the number of shops that can sell them”.

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