‘Vaping can save millions of lives,’ say speakers on World Vape Day

Speakers at an online event on World Vape Day (WVD) said vaping can save millions of lives by helping smokers quit. Organized by Voice of Vapers Bangladesh under the slogan “# Switch To Healthy Living”.

Ishraq Dhaly, one of the organizers of Voice of Vapers Bangladesh, said opposition to vaping stems from ignorance of the latest scientific findings on vaping. “It will cause harm. Vaping could help achieve Bangladesh’s goal of being tobacco-free by 2040. Vaping is the perfect tool to achieve this as it is 95% safer than smoking according to the best medical research ”, a- he declared.

Dhaly was referring to the study by Public Health England (PHE) of the United Kingdom, an executive agency of the United Kingdom’s Department of Health and Social Affairs. In 2015, PHE, in a “historical review”, found that vaping is about 95% less harmful than tobacco.

Suchumann Zaman, chairman of the Bangladesh Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Traders Association (BENDSTA), said many people choose vaping as a tool to quit smoking because vaping is significantly less harmful. But disinformation about vaping is widespread and it is very damaging.

“Vaping helps smokers quit smoking and therefore save them from the long term harms of it. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking. There is no carcinogen, tar, etc. It’s a good compromise. We have to understand that this is “harm reduction”, ”Zaman said.

He stressed that vaping should only be used by smokers. “We would never recommend vaping for a non-smoker. What we want is for a smoker to stop smoking while using vaping. This is the role of vaping. It’s not about fashion. Vaping has the potential to save many lives, ”Zaman said.

Professor Mithun Alamgir, head of the community medicine department at Enam Medical College, said death from smoking is a global pandemic that is silent and invisible to people. “In the parlance of epidemiology, we call smoking a grade one carcinogen. All of the most powerful substances that cause cancer are there. It’s so deadly because when tobacco is burned it creates thousands of chemicals. We can identify some, but it is difficult to identify all of them. How can we save ourselves from it. The answer is to quit smoking altogether, ”said Alamgir.

The most efficient way to do this, Alamgir says, is vaping. “There are many ways to quit smoking. Nicotine replacement therapies of various types are used. But vaping has been a revolutionary step forward for public health by helping smokers quit, ”he said.

Musician, presenter and producer Jewel shared his personal experience of vaping after being treated for a serious illness. “I had serious treatment and doctors in Bangkok and London told me I had to quit smoking. They recommended that I try vaping instead to help me avoid smoking, ”Jewel said.

World Vape Day (WVD) is celebrated on May 30. Held this year under the slogan “#Go The Extra Mile”, the goal of this day is to raise awareness of vaping as a risk reduction tool for smokers.

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