Video experiment shows the effect of a cigarette on the lungs

A video on TikTok showed the effects of a single cigarette on a human lung by simulating an experiment using a plastic bottle and cotton wool.

It’s probably not the one you should try at home, certainly if you’re under the age of 18, because – as we’re about to find out – smoking is pretty darn dangerous.

Obviously, we know that smoking is bad for you, or at least we should be anyway, but this video shows how damaging even a cigarette can be.

It was shared on TikTok by @oneminmicro, an account that creates content showing art and science under a microscope.

They were asked to explain the effectiveness of a cigarette filter. Spoiler alert: not very.

In the video, they explain, “I decided to make a lung, or something that represents a lung.”

In this case, it is a plastic bottle with a few small holes drilled in the cap and another hole at the other end where the cigarette is inserted.

It is not a difficult experience to achieve. Credit: TikTok / @ oneminmicro

The video continues: “In a closed system, I put cotton. The cotton represents your lung cells, and this is what cotton looks like after the smoke passes through a single filtered cigarette.”

Basically, the previously white cotton took on a disgusting shade of brown, covered in sticky stuff.

He explains: “The images you are about to see are of two types of cotton. The first cotton swatch was not crossed by smoke …”

This is where the microscope comes in.

Without the smoke ... Credit: TikTok / @ oneminmicro
Without the smoke … Credit: TikTok / @ oneminmicro

Then after showing the normal cotton, they showed the sample affected by the cigarette.

The video continues: “It’s cotton after smoking a single cigarette. This is representative of your lungs after smoking a single filtered cigarette.

“A comparative study carried out in 2011 by [scientists] Hidemi et al. found that filtered cigarettes only change the type of cancer you are at risk of getting.

“Filtered or unfiltered, the message is clear: smoking is really dangerous to your health, so make the switch today.

With the smoke.  Credit: TikTok / @ oneminmicro
With the smoke. Credit: TikTok / @ oneminmicro

Here. If this short experience can’t show you the true nature of what smoking actually does to your body, nothing will.

It seems the video had a profound effect on a few of the thousands of people who watched it, with one commenting, “I’m resigning right now.”

Another said: “It’s so RAW. I can’t believe I used to smoke. [Six] years smoke-free. “

A third wrote: “He looks so sticky and disgusting.”

If you want help fighting smoking, you can find smoking cessation advice from the NHS. here.

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