WHO: “Electronic cigarettes are not proven aids to quitting smoking”

In a press release titled “Stop smoking to be a winner,“WHO is on this again. He insists that the tobacco industry has “promoted e-cigarettes as a cessation aid under the pretext of contributing to the global fight against smoking” while putting in place “strategic marketing tactics to hook. children to this same product portfolio, making them available in more than 15,000 attractive products. flavors.”

“We need to be guided by science and evidence, not by the marketing campaigns of the tobacco industry – the same industry that has engaged in decades of lies and deception to sell products that have killed people. hundreds of millions of people, ”said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, once again suggesting that the vaping industry is the tobacco industry. “Electronic cigarettes generate toxic chemicals, which have been linked to harmful health effects such as cardiovascular disease and lung disorders.”

In a section titled “Electronic cigarettes are not proven quitting aids,” the agency went on to say that the scientific evidence on e-cigarettes as quitting aids was “inconclusive” and that ” the shift from conventional tobacco products to e-cigarettes is not stopping. “Sadly, these statements couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are countless peer-reviewed studies conducted by independent public health experts that indicate otherwise.

E-cigarettes to quit smoking

Meanwhile, a recent UK study titled “The effectiveness of e-cigarette smoking in quitting smoking compared to other smoking cessation methods in adults in the UKIs perhaps the most recent example of an independent peer-reviewed study that highlights the potential of vaping products as aids to quitting smoking.

The researchers analyzed data from 1,155 respondents aged 18 to 81, from an online longitudinal survey collected between 2012 and 2017. “Compared to not using a help, the odds of abstinence have increased. been increased by daily use of disposable / cartridge (CE) electronic cigarettes and daily use of refill / modular. Chances were reduced by non-daily use of disposables / cartridges, and by use of disposable ECs / cartridges to stop and no longer use during follow-up.

The secondary outcomes were similar to the primary outcome; however, the odds of abstinence were also increased by the use of drugs to quit smoking, ”the article reported. “When used daily, electronic cigarettes appear to facilitate abstinence from smoking compared to not using an aid,” the researchers concluded.

More research praising the effectiveness of vapes for smoking cessation

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